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  1.  Really, 5 stars from everybody?


    First off, let me say I did really enjoy this show. But, it does have some weaknesses, and it ain't as good as The West Wing. Sorkin does tend to use his shows as a forum for his opinions. And whilst I would often tend to agree with them, it does sometime have a hint of the Quincy! Most of the shows are entertaining, and good quality, and definitely deserved a second series. But there are episodes that are off a lower quality. "The Disaster Show" is just that-a hodge podge of ideas that don't gel into a decent episode. Would love to have seen more of this quality show.

  2.  read the small print, but good value


    Paintballing doesn't come cheap; not if you want to have fun. The paint comes at a fairly hefty price. But, what this package does is cover the entrance cost for your group. The alternative, paying the entrance fee for each person directly would almost certainly be a fair deal pricier.

  3.  Excellent stuff


    A highly entertaining story showing Pratchett at his best-and not Discworld! The story has some nice characters, and a fluid, pacy style. The storyline is strong. If you like Pratchett, you'll love this.

  4.  so bad it's great


    There were rumours that Lucas had obtained all copies of this film, and then burnt them! It's that bad. The clichés and acting are awful for a lot of the time. Yet, the film retains a few fantastic laughs, and a curious appeal. Having watched this again recently I realised it wasn't as good as I remember it being, but still, worth a watch-and at £4 a good entry in anybody's collection.

  5.  Blink and you'll miss the best stuff


    As others have said, this is Doctor Who at its best. The first two episodes are good, though I felt they were just slightly off-the family weren't quite believable. Perhaps they needed more exposition. Having said that, they are still very good episodes-the Who is best when a bit scary.
    Blink is the reason why you would buy this DVD. With the Doctor and Martha absent for most of the episode it is the one-off characters that steal, not only the show but the whole season.
    The basis (statues send you back in time when you aren't watching) isn't all that great (stealing life-energy, come on), but it sets up a fantastic situation. Rarely has the doctor been able to give such a chilling warning-don't blink!
    Would love to see more of these baddies, who must claim a place in the Doctor Who Baddies Top 10!
    The episode kicks off well, and finishes well. Good acting throughout, a strong story and great characters make this a stand out episode. That characters who had only a couple of scenes were appealing and entertaining is a mark of the quality of this.

  6.  Not just another english lead actor


    To me, this show has more than a passing resemblance with House; and not just because of US/UK relationship. The shows are high quality, with decent acting, well paced, with reasonable scripts. Characters are generally interesting with some depth and although I haven't seen that many episodes the storylines have varied. Like House the entertainment is in marvelling at a specialist genius with some social issues. The downside to all this-like House the episodes can be a little repetitive in their nature. So why 3 stars. The West Wing at its best gets 5, The West Wing not at its best gets 4, and there is still some margin between that and Lie to Me.

  7.  Christmas Fun


    Some good stuff in this special. Let's face it, time traveller visits the Titanic is something we've all seen before-with or without the twist; so this could have gone horribly wrong. A strong foundation upon the Poseidon meant that this stuck to fairly solid ground. For my money, the episode is worth watching simply for the brilliant joke about the doctor visiting Bethlehem. The males in my family laughed so loud we got told off for upsetting my nephew.

  8.  Shocking Must-See


    Saw this in an art-house cinema-half the audience left in tears, and the other half were holding them back. Incredibly tough on the heart, this should be compulsory watching. Hotel Rwanda is a more watchable film, but I felt this conveyed the situation more accurately.
    Hurt is excellent, and the involvement within the cast and crew of many people that witnessed the genocide close-up is crucial to the toughness of the film.
    This is a subject everybody should know something about.