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  1.  It's brilliant


    First thing first; got this from play.com when it was 80 quid less than rrp. I notice the price has gone up somewhat. Delivery went without any problems although it took the full 5 days to arrive.

    The product itself is excellent. I am no newbiw\e to high end cans. I currently own the Sennheiser PXC 450 and the this Nokia (BH905) competes and does so aggresively. The noise cancelation on the 905 is better in both wired and wireless. The 450's is wired only.

    I use te 905 with a Nokia N900 and it works flawlessly for me No problems at all. There is a break in the music for a second or so when multitasking; for example when starting a new email or sms but it's only for a second.

    I use it frequently on my bike when commuting and again no problems. I usually put my phone in my messenger type bag and off I go. It fits my head perfectly and dare I say you would have to have a really odd shape head to not find a fit.

    I do not use the noise cancellation when on the bike as it does provide a small isolation.

    It works great on the tube and not even the noisy Victoria line could defeat its effectiveness. It will not provide silence or anything close on the London underground. What it will do though is allow the music through, with bass largely unaffected. On the underground, not even the PXC 450 can match it.

    Sound quality wise, I cannot fault it. I only notice a difference between wireless and wired mode when playing lossless formats. With nornal lossy aac he2, they are even.

    I haven't used it on a plane yet, but given the way it handled the London Underground, I have no reason for concerns.

    For a 100 & 20 quid, I cannot fault this unit. I believe it does EXACTly what it says on the tin; nothing more nothing less. No false advertising here as far as I can tell.

    Battery life by the way is exceptional and IMHO surpassed Nokia's stated specification certainly when NC is disabled for AAC stuff.

    This for me is a bargain and one of my best buys this year. I will use this thing till it drops dead, it's that good. I am also seriously tempted to sell my PXC 450.

    My only gripe - The battery is non user replaceable and I am willing to bet that in a few years time when it does need replacingl I probably wouldn't be able to get it replace rendering the unit useless for Noise Cancellation.

    Buy with confidence!