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  1.  A hot toy in every way


    The detail on this is amazing. it is virtuialy identicie to the film. the only way you would notice any slight diferences were if you were a bit of a saddo, and looked at each bit of it while the film was on. Not that I am a saddo, oh no! If you like this kind of thing, then this is a must have. But I would advise to shop around

  2.  go to the end for latest update.


    Got this a couple of days ago, and I am very impressed.
    The battery life seems very good. You get about what is clamed. Been on you tube and the streaming was smooth. Connecting to the internet is very easy. And also the touch screen is very responsive. Tried a couple of cheaper makes, and they were rubbish. Its worth paying that little more to get something that you wont get frustrated with! On the gripe side, you dont get a micro usb to full usb adapter included. Which is a little stingy but you can pick on up for 2-3 pounds on Play. The speaker is a little weedy, and its on the back. This is no surprise really for something that is only about 11mm thick. (But it does power my full size head phones a treat). Also they leave out a couple of frequently used codecs. So you have to go to the Archos shop to buy them ( Shame on Archos ! ). But once you do it works very well with almost everything Ive thrown at it. Downloaded a third party player and it was poo! So it was worth it. All in all I am well pleased with my (half the price) I Pad rival.
    P.S This a G9 model. Dont know why they list it as a GP. Dont even think there is such a thing?

    Here is an update, having had this for about six weeks now.
    Still very pleased with it but it does have its quirks. Now and again it will freeze, usually when trying to load a few videos off youtube before the others had finished. Or say something has unexpectedly stopped for no apparent reason ? But then again who hasnt had anything thats computerised and it hasnt come up with that sort of message ? Got a hdmi lead for it and it can be very temperamental with that. So now you know. All in all still pleased with it. But dont forget it is a computer so its never going to be perfect !
    P.S If you look on the app market there are some other good video players to download, but the one that comes with it is pretty slick. And also you can plug usb drives into the 3g connection on the back just make sure you turn it on in settings.
    OK here is the final update. Had it or about 16 months now, and its feeling a bit flimsey and it takes me about an hour of turning it on and off and going in and out of system recover mode to get the screen to sense any touch. So its going in the bin this is the last straw. P.s I am writing this update on my much better (up to now) Toshiba AT300SE which now is even cheaper than I paid for the Archos

  3.  Get Connected.


    connected a PS3, a media player and a blu ray. All worked perfectly.
    And when I turned one thing on whilst one was already on, it still changed the connection no problem. Can't go wrong. And at this price its well worth it.

  4.  Noisy cricket.


    To start with the steelbook looks pretty cool, and it only costs a couple more pound the the plastic, so it's worth it.
    What you get is MIB 1. Still a great film, and the transfer for the most part is very sharp. The odd bit of graining now and then but not much.
    MIB 2. Looks great also as above, shame the movie was not quite as good as everyone expected.
    MIB 3. Looks great and is a far better movie than the second one. Its what you would be hoping for in a MIB movie.
    All the discs come with plenty of extras. So all in all you should not be dissapointed. Well worth getting, and remember. Always face it forwards!

  5.  watch it mate!


    When I first saw a clip of this I thought. Whats this rubbish. It's just people running around in silly costumes! Well yes the costumes are silly, but the film does a really good job of telling you why they are in silly costumes, and they soon dont seem that silly any more. I had never heard of them before, but this is a very well shot and directed film in every way, and soon has you emersed in their world. One for the super hero fans or even those who just enjoy a beautifuly crafted film. Enjoy

  6.  Oh my!


    When I first saw this I was a little dissapointed as it was not as shiney all over as I expected. But having watched the films you get reminded that he was hardly ever as shiney as you think. This a little under 12 inches, and a little lighter than you would expect for the money. But having said that it is the best figure I have found. And for good star wars figures they are not going to be cheap. All in all a great looking figure

  7.  Foo, this is good


    When you see the vidoes the Foo's do, you see they don't take them selfs too seriously. But they do take there music very seriously. There is not a bad song on here. And for any one who has just heard one or two of there songs this is a great introduction, and at this price it's worth a punt !

  8.  sureal


    This has the three S's. Sureal, Sexy and Stylish. If you like weired then you wont go far wrong with this strang fantasy film. Well worth a look. Turn your brain off and enjoy the spectical.

  9.  Not a shiney happy person


    Looks good but would have benefitted from been more shiney so as to look more like metal apart from that, impressive.

  10.  BIG !


    To start with let me tell you this is a big figure, a good few inches bigger than it says, and the detale as you would expect from neca is very good. However the only problem I have with this figure (and this is why it got 4 stars not 5) is that the legs are so hard to attatch. So much so that I was affraid that I was going to break it. In the end to be on the safe side I trimmed a little off the male connections, but this meant that they were a little loose. So to make it all secure I found the perfect position for the legs so it stood just right and then super glued the leg and foot joints in place. I can here the gasps of horror from some of you and the cries of sacrilage, and yes I even took it out of the box ! But lets face it you are not going to be playing with these things, but putting them on display to look at and admire. So in the end mine looks great and wont fall over. So if you want one either get a rubber hammer or a tube of super glue !