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  1.  The Answer- Revival.


    If you are into good old ballsy rock & roll, you must buy this album!
    Top notch.

  2.  Sherlock Holmes


    Went to see this at the pictures not really expecting much seeing that Downey was lead actor,but i have to admit that i was really impressed.It is very atmospheric,and as a lot of other reviewers have commented,it is a new slant on on a well known story.Both lead actors play their roles excellently.Can't understand the logic of selling a BD with a DVD,if you own a BD player,why play a DVD?Just a minor issue,a cracking film!

  3.  Can't Slow Down


    This is surprisingly good,grew up listening to the original Foreigner
    back in the mists of time(1977).There in no Lou Gramm on lead vocals now,but Kelly Hansen is more than capable-in fact on some tracks sounds very similar.A good mix of rock ballads and rock n roll tracks.Well worth a listen.

  4.  Them Crooked Vultures


    Great crossover experimental rock album with obvious influences
    from all three bands(Foos,Zep,QOTSA).Buy it.

  5.  Fifty dead men walking


    This is a good film based loosely on the true story by Martin McGartland.Whilst the acting is spot on and the film portrays
    the tensions of life in troubled Belfast in the1990's,the book is
    far more gripping.

  6.  Everyday demons


    This is a really top notch album.If you like good no messin rock,this is the album for you.

  7.  Standing on the shoulder of giants


    This is a superb album,echoing the views of ThomasRN,tracks like Gas Panic!,Go let it out,etc do get overlooked when Oasis tracks are mentioned.Buy it!

  8.  Humax 9300T


    Having previously owned the 9200 model,I upgraded to the 9300T.
    I have been pleased with the performance,the series link feature is just like sky plus.Many reviewers have commented on the noisy cooling fan.I must say that i barely hear the fan running,even when the TV volume is low,so i wouldn't see this as a problem.Programme recording couldn't be easier,and pausing live TV is also useful when you get that annoying phone call part way through a favourite programme.

  9.  Deja Vu


    A clever film with good visual effects.You have to pay attention to the many layered plots,but the advantage of watching on DVD you
    can always play back any scene you were unsure about.Washington is as polished as ever.

  10.  I am Legend


    Not a bad film,some scary moments,but as other reviewers have commented,the end is poor.This is typical Hollywood.Again,as for many films,the book is far better.If possible,I would have marked it
    at 2.5 stars,due to the naff end.