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  1.  Gypsy princess


    Bought this book with much anticipation, and started reading full of enthusiasum. The book started off very well but unfortunately after the first couple of chapters Violet Cannon could have been writing about any childhood, she could have been writing about mine except I am not a gypsy or traveller. I have to admit I did finish the book but it was such a disappointment. Sorry!!

  2.  Spell binding


    Just finished reading this book The Hidden Child. I found this author very refreshing. I have not read this author before and I must say I have now ordered her other books. The story unfolds with each turn of the page. I found myself absolutely spell bound and just had to keep turning the page wanting to know more. Many times through the book I have thought the killer was someone then suddenly through the unfolding of the plot realised that No it wasn't who I thought . The characters are wholey believable. A thoroughly good read.

  3.  Great Read


    Once again the author has woven a beautifully discriptive story which takes you back in time. A very well written book which keeps you turning the pages. What a comeupance for the Coles' at the end.

  4.  First novel


    What a well written and beautifully woven story about the district of Coorg in India. I travelled back in time to a distant country and culture with this author's words and was really very sad when the book finished. I grew to care about the characters Devi, Machu and Devanna, and to feel the loves and hurts they all felt through this book. I think that Sarita has left thestory open for a second book and for one sincerely hope that she does write a sequel to Tiger Hills it really is a truely beautiful magical story. Thank you Sarita Mandanna. Devi worked so hard to keep the dream alive even though she had to marry someone she didn't love in that way because of the things Devanna had to go through during the ragging which tipped him over the edge. Even though Devi had to marry Devanna she still hoped and dreamed that one day Machu and her would be together. How she transfered her love for Machu to his son Appu ( an unpleasant person altogether) and her son by Devanna - Nanju was pushed to the background in her affections always because of Appu. Then towards the end of the story Devi finds out just what sort of ragging Devanna had gone through during his time a the Medical School and realised how much he loves/ed her and her heart begins to melt ....... I want to read this book all over again.

  5.  another great story by Phillippa!


    I read the Red Queen with great delight and was not disappointed with the whole of the read. What a really interesting time in history. Margaret I found though very single minded and very religious was a person who showed great resolve. She knew what she wanted and never wavered from her dream of getting her son Henry to the throne of England. I was rather taken with her and felt very sorry for her on more than one occasion. Bokk is just brilliant.

  6.  Another good read


    I have just finished The Vigin's Lover. I was rather shocked that Elizabeth was potrayed as a very insecure, nervous and dare I say a rather pathetic creature in this book. I have come to view Elizabeth as a very strong, ruthless but fair and caring ruler of this country so this book was a shock. A very good read all the same, and to be fair she could very well have been like this in her early years. I thought that William Cecil was a very caring and patient adviser to the young queen because there where times when I wanted to shout at her to stop being so weak, but he was able to work her insecurities into strengths. I thought Dudley was a controlling and self opinionated person and so glad that his plans did not come to fruition. I have read all this author's historical books, all but the Red Queen which I am about to read. Philippa Gregory is one of my favourite authors.

  7.  Oh Yeah!!


    Jack Reacher does not disappoint. Yet again Jack coming to the rescue. I couldn't put the book down (like all of Jack Reacher Books) and on more than one occassion my heart was in my mouth - thinking No! don't go there, but he did and he won. I await the next book Jack Reacher book hope it isn't too long in coming out and in it he does get to meet Susan. Lee Child my most favourite author - keep them coming please.

  8.  Fantastic


    I have read all three books in this trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed all. At the end of books one and two couldn't wait for the next book. At the end of the third book of the trilogy I felt as though I had been through everything personally and come through the end and was satisfied. At last a thrilogy with a proper ending - truely a brilliant read all three books.

  9. Room



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     Good book


    Get over the unusual and slightly disconcerting format of reading a book as a 5yr old talks, then you really get into an extremely well written and memorable read. To read it through a child makes it all the more emotional. Emma played a blinder, well done.

  10.  A good read


    Really enjoyed this book. Got to know and care for the characters especially Arius and Theo. I look forward to Kate Quinn's next book.