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  1.  Eminem being Eminem


    Anyone who doesn't really like this book isn't really much of an eminem fan because this book is perfect for any eminem fan, as you read it you actually feel like eminem is talking to you and telling you everything about his past life and how he really feels about stuff. Fantastic book, not boring like most books, great pictures and layout throughout the whole book!

  2.  Not as bad as people make out!


    I'm sick of these critics, this is a good enough game! Especially if youre a terminator fan! If you are a good terminator fan and are need of a terminator game this is nice and simple enough, nice easy gameplay, fun enough, good theme and easy achievements! Worth the price

  3.  Great album but maybe too much changed...


    This is a great album no doubt, but as you listen you kind of feel like em has sold out a bit, singing with rihanna nd stuff. This album was missing someone, it was missing a crazy blonde psycho called slim shady. It was also missing the famous shady accent like in relapse, a real shame. However he still has incredibly dope lyrics and a fantastic flow

  4.  The Truth about the world you live in.


    Alex Jones is the biggest truth speaker this world has ever seen. Buy this and learn the truth about the world you live in and what your government is actually doing without you knowing. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

  5.  Incredibly BORING


    I could not for the life of me get into this game, the graphics are that good at all, the gameplay is not exciting what so ever, the story lacks so much its amazing. Stay away at all costs, I only paid 5 quid but I still regret it because of how bad this game is.

  6.  Gives me a hope that real hip-hop is still alive...


    I was expecting this album to be like the rest, for the game to sell out and only have tracks that sound hyped up on techno sounds and club mixes...but no. What you have here is a real hip hop album, real hip hop, its hard to find these days.

  7.  If you already like nascar


    This game was awesome, I'm really enjoying it. I'll be honest I'm not even much of a real nascar fan I just loved the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby haha
    But that was a good enough connection for me to love the game! The graphics are good, people normally don't like it because they find it difficult but if you actually play "The Chase" it teaches you how to become a really good driver on the game, you have fun while doing so and it makes the game so enjoyable. Nothing better then looking behind you or ahead and seeing a car flipping into the air then crashing down and rolling again again in that hard road.

  8.  Wish it didn't end, perfect.


    I loved this movie, it was so perfect, I will definetly be buying, soooo funny and lots of more entertainment :)

  9.  An Actual Real Decent Documentary On Eminem


    There are a lot of fake dvd's out there with great dvd cover's claiming to be an in depth and insightful documentary on eminem himself, of course they are normally fake, this one isn't. You will not be wasting your money, its actual people talking about him and plenty of great bonus features along with real rare footage of him. The dvd includes real interviews and footage of his family members and people who knew him. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY REAL EMINEM FAN.

  10.  You have to be smart


    To play this game you have to be very smart about every move you make, most people hate it cos they're not good or patient enough to play it, not great but worth a fiver.