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  1.  GOOD GOD!


    I was being kind with the one star! im a really big ting tings fan! but what on earth is this? it sounds like a collection of unfinished demos put together on a cd and sold! its truly diabolical! none of the songs are single material and they have just let themselves down! there is only one good song on the album and its a REMIX! No ting tings just no!



    this is by far cascada's best work to date! she has changed her style to pop and even has some R&B tracks which are amazing, even better it comes with the greatest hits cd the only thing i didnt like is they missed off 'Miracle' off the greatest hits cd which is one of the best tracks! i would recommend this to anyone. well done cascada for another amazing album

  3.  Meh...!


    Its an ok album its nout to rave about! gave the entire album an listen and it was just a bit boring bar the exception of Broken Record and Lights on. it just doesnt do it for me im afraid.

  4. 21


    Adele - CD

    28 New from  £7.60  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.98



    I wasnt a fan of Adele till i got this album, its just pure amazing. trueee talent :) only think i dont like is she took lady gagas number 1. Best tracks are
    set fire to rain
    one and only
    someone like you
    rumor has it
    dont you remeber

  5.  AMAZING!!!


    I was expecting this album to be amazing && it totally is! Best album of 2011 so far i think. songs are catchy and great to listen to. Its one of those albums you can listen to all the tracks without skipping :) my only bad critism is there isnt enough tracks. i feel like 11 track albums dont class as albums but its still brill

  6.  EPIC!!


    this movie was amazing! when i first saw the trailer it looked like one of those movies that was just going to draaag. But it wasnt i was hooked from start to end. its a very brutal movie with some disturbing scenes, but overall i loved this movie! ive recommended it to loads of people. Its not for the faint hearted anyways.

  7. Loud


    Rihanna - CD

    14 New from  £4.79  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.99



    There is just one word to describe this album and that would be AMAZING! This is her best album to date sucha epic album with a lot to offer my personal fav track would be Man Down! and her version of Love The Way You Lie is better than the original in my oppinion

  8.  On Top :)


    This album for me is by far her best work, its a brilliant album with alot of good songs that you can dance to and its also one of those albums you can listen to throughout without skipping a track! its deffinatly a different direction for her and it paid of, i love this album

  9.  Erm....OK!


    This albums is no where near as good as The E.N.D there is only 3 tracks that I like:
    The Time
    Love You Long Time
    The rest for me a frankly a little bit boring and not much to brag about i feel they could have done so much better with this album



    they say dont judge a book by its cover and that is so true, the cover for this movie makes it look really exciting but the plot was complete and utter rubish it was like watching paint dry what a waste of time and money in my oppinion!