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  1.  A fantastic sequel!!


    I absolutely loved REC and have to say - REC 2 continued to successfully drive forward that edgy realistic horror - loved it!! The speed of the movie is just right and all the content well scripted with great characterisation. The apartment block as dark and eerie as before - keeping you on the edge of your seat - what adventure next? This movie is packed full of adrenaline and well worth its value in quids!!

  2.  Well Overdue!!


    I think a lot of people who've reviewed this film are being a tad too serious in their references to product placement in the movie - they've completely missed the point that this was part of the joke. Also, the unnecessary move to violence, as per one review - this was necessary as the main message of the movie is, acting like an idiot shunning your responsibilities leads to trouble. It was such a great parody of Kidulthood and Adulthood - a great debut from Adam Deacon, as Director, who understands that these characters are not people to live up to. Let's hope for the sake of British film making and comedy that everyone ignores the opinions of the pretentious reviewers and pays to watch the movie!! Ashley Walters is fabulous as a crack-up junkie and all the characters are well scripted. This was kind-off like an Ealing Comedy with bad language and violence. I hope we have more of these to come Mr Deacon - absolutely loved it, and so did everyone else at the cinema viewing I went to, who seemed to recognise these 'big-up' characters from their own group of friends or neighbourhoods.

  3.  A Truly Moving Film


    This film has a deliciously enthralling pace with skillfully crafted characters, edgy and real - Brenda Blythen is fantastic. An emotional rollercoaster this movie takes you through the minefields of hope and disappointment. Absolutely amazing - please do not miss this one!!

  4.  A riveting and accomplished theatre of horror!!


    When you finish watching a Zombie movie, you can leave it behind at the cinema. Zombies live in a different world - a parallel universe. How can you be sure you'll never meet Robert Carmichael? This is a deeply disturbing movie, within which some appalling acts take place - but, I'd bet this is probably quite close to the truth, if your subject matter is bored, angry, socially excluded teenage boys from small towns. Reality is scarier than fiction. This movie is beautifully shot, and the script delivers. The acting is edgy and raw - you really believe these boys have no hope of securing any moral boundaries. Many people will find the ending hard to watch - but this is a movie that should be watched - even only once.

  5.  A Nice Little Twister


    Edgy and uncompromising characters with a nice little love/lust/do you over twist. Great acting throughout with a real sense of adrenaline pumping through every scene. Delicious script - I didn't want it to end. Let's hope British Film continues to deliver beauties like this one!!

  6.  Raw and uncompromising!!


    A great horror with a real raw feel and great characters. A great range of British acting talent and deffo up there with Dog Soldiers and the like. I loved the fact that special effects were not used too much and the script delivered believable characters. Buy this movie - its worth the watch!!

  7.  Intelligent & Powerful


    This CD is a must - great lyrics and musicality. A fantastic British sound with no dud tracks! Buy it!

  8.  Absolutely Fantastic Revenge Movie


    This movie will have you peeking through your fingers at the screen, your imagination running wild at what you might see next. More torturous than Hostel with a nice road movie feel thrown in - together with well developed characters. Absolutely loved this movie - but it!!

  9.  Best Boney M Funk Album


    There are many amazing funk tracks on this album which is a considerablly more grown-up sound for Boney M. Most of the tracks are recognisable from DJ sessions today. Buy it!!



    An exhilarating and electric mix of Brazilian sounds - a real firestorm of energy - will get you on your feet every time. A must buy!!