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  1.  Worth it 99% (very good)


    -1% due to the driving is love or hate kind of thing. The Graphics are out of this world and can be compared to just cause 2's graphics. For a popular game its better than gran theft auto IV. The actuall saboteuring is brilliantly planned out with a nearly perfect realizm of what it was like when the nazi's were occupying france. The story line is great and really make you feel apart of the resistance. All in all a solid game and with the added addiction its a must buy!

  2.  Simple but detailed review! (all seem to be long!)


    The racing is the most realistic ever brought into a game. Car range is limited but more cars being developed. Graphics are as expected, brilliant. Watch gameplay on youtube. Been 3 years waiting and the hype has been worth every second of it! Enjoy it!! ***** for a reason

  3.  Not a small book!


    illustrations are amazing, size of the book is about the size of a guiness worlkd record book abit smaller. As i expected it has a wide range of jewelry from all around the world. Detail it brilliant! perfect for a christmas present for a female freind or family member!

  4.  Forget the rest of the newer Cod games


    Got this back in 08/09 and i havnt played a single game as much as i have with this. The story has some great structure and a real life feel. If you think this is 3 years old! you cant tell. Multiplayer has been described as the best in the world and i can see why. With a wide variety of guns and attachments it gets addictive, trying to upgrade your weapons to suit your style (gold shotgun and magnum are hard to get though!). Great for these snowed in days ! but i have to say it is extreamly addicitve so dont buy if you like going outside at all! no good game a must buy for ps3 especially

  5.  All classic's


    GTA3: Wow this is were it all started! The map is huge is you think when this came out! Pac man was still on the go!

    GTA VC: The scenary is second to none (back then that is) giving it a very good miani vibe. With speed boats and super cars it has to be a must have for any long time ps2 user.

    GTA SA!: The best game ever! the map is massive and the quality of the bike's, Cars and planes is great. Dont get planes on GTA 4 ! well worth 20 pounds by itself. It has a much more gangster feeling. Relating to the hood with drive by's everywhere and the ability to go to the Gym and work out and check your stamina stats to make you look buff and gangster. The guns are great with the AK 47 dominating mostly and rocket launchers the list goes on! (and on) Brilliant games a must have for any GTA classics lover or Ps2 user!

  6.  Best console by a long way!


    The ps3 has BBC i player built in so can watch on the TV. Can go on the internet like a Laptop and watch youtube. The game's are at the very top. Combined with a HD Tv its like nothing else. With 1080p!. Also works on normal Tv's (i'm using a old box Tv) Call of duty 4 is the game to have with this too with multiplayer and great campaign. Bought mine at 250 pounds and still think its worth more!!! so go on buy it!!! bargain!

  7.  Drum and Bass + Dubstep.... perfect combination!


    It is full of the best in the business with new and Debuted music on this CD.

    Its a must buy for any Drum and Bass / Dubstep fan!

  8.  Quick witty gangster feeling with comedy side


    Skiing in Dubia? More a comedy than gangster really. It is worth this money and more! Very clever film too much to say about it! Look at the trailer on youtube then decide thats my view on the subject. I loved it!

  9.  Worth it!


    Bought this about 3 months ago and i havnt looked back. Its a great phone for people new to touch phones and even past iphone ipod users!. The price is very attractive making it a steal!. The video is second to none (rivals most camcorders!) The camera has a Carl Zeiss len's which is the best make in the business!. The reason it isnt 5* is due to the lack of App's avalible for it. Would be 5* if it had the range of App's the apple iphone has. Brilliant buy

  10.  cheap red dead redemption


    work of genious. Where do you think they got the idea from RDR from...this game! i know this game isnt open world but in parts of the game are open and you can do what you want...... catch wanted men for cash, buy uprated weapons from the gun store anything you fancy. well worth the price! i played the demo and i bought it straight after!!! cant say better than that. if any doubts try demo 1st