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  1.  Experience from playing Open BETA


    I took part in the Open BETA that Blizzard ran recently and I have to say I am very impressed indeed. The game is way bigger in scale and scope than the excellent Diablo 2. I really enjoyed all the new changes to the game. There is a few that will take time to adjust to (when used to the system in Diablo 2), but it will all gel together in the end.

    The 3 days I had with the game really gave an insight into the skills, combat and character types that will be available to us when the game is released on the 15th May 2012.

    The graphics are also very impressive. Good animations and the atmosphere from the area was very good indeed. The voice work and music is up to the standards that was in the previous Diablo games.

    When Play deliver my copy on 15th May (for a price of 24.99 as I pre ordered it over 3 years ago) I can say goodbye to my social life as this willa time killer. But it will be time that will be very well spent indeed.

    I cant recommend this game enough. The countdown timer for May 15th now starts.

  2.  Absolutly brilliant (updated for full game)


    I played the BETA and was completly blown away by it. Very impressive ideed. The different game modes are excellent and the amount of weapons at your disposal is very good. This game's multiplayer is the closest thing I have seen to rivaling Call of Duty 4. Can't wait for release day so I can experience the Single Player, which all reviewers say is amazing. The game to writting this has a METACRITIC score of 97%. Which is very high indeed. Buy it. highly recommended. [Update] Just been playing the Signle Player campaign and it is brilliant. Gunplay is fantastic. The puzzles are brilliant. Really got to think and look at the scenery to find a solution. You have to play it, to experience one brilliant story excellently told.

  3.  Very good movie tie-in


    I was a bit dubious about this game. A game based on a movie tie-in but I was pleasently surprised by it all. Ok graphics are not amazing but they do the job very well indeed. the action is really good and enjoyable. The puzzle element is also of great. I am enjoying the story and overall I would say this is one of the best movie tie-ins I have played. Highly recommended and one definetly to look out for.

  4.  Very good enjoyable game.


    I bought this game with quite a bit of trebidation. Though treyarch would do a terrible job. But i hold my hand up and say well done. The game is very good indeed. The most enjoyable game i have played this year. The action is quick and very good. The call of duty engine does a great job in letting you play the shooter as a shooter. The cover system works really well and the hand to hand combat is really good. The graphics are stunning and the sound and music is also top notch. The weapons are varied ranging from pistol to a machine gun to sniper rifle. The levels are also very varied. Yes the game is not long but what is there is very enjoyable indeed. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes a good solid shooter. And thanks to trophies there is plenty of replay values. And i have not even touched the online side of the game yet so i feel it will only get better and better.