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  1.  Pow! Pow!


    The most over rated, under rated band of all time returns for the third and last time, but what a great time.

    One thing that made LCD Soundsystem stand out from the crowd with their previous efforts was their (or rather James Murphys) ability to combine just about every genre of music worth listening to, and every song worth listening to, in to a neat, pop/dance/rock package that suits everyone, that accessability has been carried on here and improved upon to create some much more commercial than their self titled debut.

    All albums have a lead track and This Is Happening is no different, Drunk Girls is a simply stunning single and one of the best of this year for sure, aside from that this is an album that relies on its songs as a collective, to create something greater than the sum of its parts and so you wont find many more "singles" than the afforementioned.
    If you own the previous albums by LCD Soundsystem then you will probably already have bought this, if for some confusing reason you have done neither then you you will find this album to be both complex and amazingly simple in its structure, utilizing simple catchy chorus's and bass lines but with complex and sporadic 80's dance mixed with indie rock, think early New Order and you are pretty much there. Infact alot of this album has a distinct 80's flavour to it, more so than the previous two albums even down to The Smiths "Hatfull Of Hollow" inspired front cover.

    Enough picking anyway, should you buy it?
    Definatly, i would highly recommend this to pretty much anyone and would seriously suggest picking up debut "LCD Soundsystem" and its 2007 follow up "Sound Of Silver" both are avaliable for a very fair price elsewhere on this site and are fantastic value for money given their way above par quality.

    Also be sure to catch them for what is set to be their last tour as they are fantastic live.

    Many thanks.

  2.  Best on the market


    Quick review, dont want to make it indepth, just wanted to give it the stars it deserves.
    If you want to chat and communticate with people while playing games, buy this, nothing else!

  3.  Apply the Brakes, give it a listen!


    Being the combined force of members from electric soft parade and british sea power, brakes are every bit the mish-mash you would imagine. Not a bad thing however, as this is one of the few bands around that actually get much better as they progress.
    Now three albums in this is by far the best album the band have done, gone are the fun filled but slightly out of place five second songs, yes five seconds is indeed the approx length of some previous songs. However replacing these are songs of much deeper quality that really show the roots of band, ranging from neat and catchy rock songs to nice twee acoustic pop, and thirty second thrash-up the band clearly couldnt resist doing, but this time its very welcome.

    I seriously doubt this band will ever see the success they deserve as this truely is one of the best albums this year, however if your reading this chances are your already a fan anyway.

  4.  Matter of opinion


    This is one of the hardest films to ever recommend, not because its bad, but simply because it has the sort of humour that you either "get" or you dont.
    The majority of people watching this will probably assume its a laugh a second teen comedy, it isnt, and when you realise that you will either love it or hate it.
    One thing many people will hate is that it does feel a tad too long for a film of its type, also the soundtrack overall is not great and features very little songs that create a sense of style for the film whatsoever.

    The acting isnt really worth mentioning as it doesnt exactly need oscar winning performances to help it tick, although James Franco (Saul) is definatly the shining light in an otherwise competant cast.

    In summery: I really liked it, and i would definatly watch it again, however it wont be to everyones taste and i would recommend that you rent rather than buy, most for that reason, but also because beyond the film there isnt any special features to warrent spending any money on.

  5.  Very good, just too late


    So here it is, at last, Lost Planet on the PS3. In short, is it good...yes very good, unfortunatly though its also very late and extra any fans it could have gained over the 360 version are long past caring about its existance.

    Thats a shame, as this is one title on the PS3 that is worth a look.
    First off the presentation is ok, nothing over the top but it suits the game and it works. One thing i will say is that you are able to message your friends from the games menu screen in both single player and multi player which is great.
    The single player is a fun 3rd person shoot-em-up but with the added bonus of being able to jump in to huge mechs and control them, this is essential as some of the bosses are excitingly huge.

    The story however is not so exciting and feels tacked on at times, i found myself wanting to skip the frequently boring cut scenes and skipping to the action.
    Where it does pick up though is the multiplayer, having played the demo on the PSN store i knew it would be at least ok, but wow is the full version so much better. Good, varied and sometimes quirky (see the 2D maps) make for a fun and lengthy multiplayer, add on top customizable characters and play up to 16 players.

    At full price this would still be a good game, but it suffers in both its graphics (which are still good anyway) and its exposure because of its age, this though thankfully is reflected in its cheap price which makes this a worthy addition to anyones collection of PS3 games

  6.  Not so Mighty :(


    I remember watching the very first episode of The Mighty Boosh and being not only astounded at its style, but over the moon that a new comedy as good as this had arrived.

    Series 2 couldnt come quick enough, and although it had no notable underlying plot (series 1 atleast had the attemped sale of the zoo plot through out) it delivered in abundance, infact it was better and i was again astounded.
    Taking a well deserved break from filming, along came the live show and that too was fantastic.

    Now series 3, this series irritated me from the start. Taking way too long to eventually happen has obviously given both fielding and barrett time to forget everything that made the first 2 series so great.
    Gone is the stupidly funny chat and banter, wonderful characters and intellegant referential comedy, and in its place sits a watered down damp squid that is a mere shadow of its former comedy self.

    My main problem is that it simply attempts to recycle the best bits from before while adding not much new, well not much thats good anyway and shamefully name dropping their new celeb pals.

    There are some good parts of course, crack fox is a strange character and its in this episode that you will find the last remaining smatterings of the edgy satirical comedy that made the first two series so great.

    In all it ok i guess, it just avoids embarresment because atleast it still dares to be different and for that its entertaining, only i dont want comedy to be entertaining i want it to be funny.

  7.  Do you like music? then you must like this


    I have been a fan of many a band in my years on this earth, some have come and gone, some have stayed, some were of different genres but nearly all have one thing in common, they failed to produce at album three.

    British sea power have always surprised and excited me, but this is the biggest surprise yet a quality 3rd album! right from the off you will be sucked in by the warm christmas glow of the intro "all in it" then thrust in to the 80`s indie/rock trio of "Lights Out..","No Lucifer" and the heavenly "Waving flags".

    One thing i have always found with British sea power`s albums, is that because of their broad range of styles on offer, their albums are always paced perfectly and this is the case here too. Around half way comes the euphoric and Sigur Ros-esq "The Great Skua", then after the fantastic "Atom" electrocutes your ears and "No Need To Cry" makes you...cry but with faint optimism, the album is rounded off with the almost too simple but very effective "Open The Door" and "We Close Our Eyes" (basically a companion song to "All In It").

    This is by no means a perfect album, but as i write im hard pressed to think of one that is or even how you could make this album better, and with such strong songs like the ones mentioned, the fantastic football themed "Canvey Island" and the urgent indie rock epic of "Down On The Ground" you wont care about that as you go back for your 4th listen in a row and a satisfied smile on your face, confident that you have just bought the best album of this year.

  8.  Inspirational


    The first thing you will notice about this DVD set is the packaging, which is not a bad thing, as its exceptional. The packaging is also a sign of things to come too, as unlike most music DVD`s Sigur Ros have gone above and beyond with this, in both its presentation and definatly with the content.

    Playing out in more of a documentry/film style, this 2 DVD set follows the band members as they perform a series of small, free shows in their native Iceland, ending in one big show in the capital of Reykjavik.
    This is its first main difference in comparison to other music DVD`s, it is made up of various shows rather than just one or two shows/gigs.

    This actually works very very well, for one reason, the simply stunning Icelandic scenery they choose as a backdrop for most of the DVD. This is a running theme too, including interviews with the Icelandic public, the band themselves and many little neat insights in to the country, its scenery and its often quirky places of interests.

    The second disk cuts away the film element, and instead opts for a more tradional music DVD setup by cutting away the interviews and allowing you to view the live performances in all their splendour. It also includes a few interesting featuretts.

    This is simply an amazing set, its amazing to look at, its got an amazing atmosphere, its amazing to watch, its amazing to hear its even got an amazing smell, but, its hard to recommend to everyone, my advice would be to listen to atleast some of their music first, then buy this and be blown away by one of the best, original and most beautiful bands of all time touring in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

  9. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    4 New from  £12.84  Free delivery

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     Disappointment evolved


    I want to start with a quick defence, i have always been a fan of PES, even back when it was essentially ISSon the Super Nintendo etc.
    That said, i couldnt wait for this game and was so glad when it came early, even better AI, even better online mode, amazing graphics, crisp and smooth frame rates...none of those are here, it is, a massive disappointment.
    Now thats not to say there are no improvements, there are, you just wont care about them by the time you have played your 10th jittery and horribly lagged match...offline, yes this game lags badly even offline, just playing Exhibition or Master League games, dont even bother playing online.
    Like i said, there are pros, passing and shooting feels better, the skills and feints are now easier to use, presentation is better than ever, even the horrendous music has improved and there is an improvement in the graphics area.
    In summary, it still plays an excellent game of football, and is even improved over previous efforts, but the terrible frame rates and lag hamper it, making the game irritating and the online unplayable.

  10.  Absolute dynamite


    I felt compelled to write a review about this film, but i really want to keep it short as possible.
    I will hold my hands up, i wasnt a massive fan of this film the first time i watched it, but that was because i didnt really watch it first time round. It wasnt untill i bought this exellent special edition that i watched it again, and loved it.
    Stupidly good acting from a great cast, a great script, and a great soundtrack all smash together to make a great, unique comedy that works on so many levels that its just as funny time after time.