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  1.  Short but Brill


    Brill game although very short, finished on easy mode in about 4 hrs, now playing on 007 mode and collecting all items for trophies, god bless the trophy system cos this game wouldnt be worth the asking price. Good online games and in third person mode, all game mode actions used online like cover and focus shot which is AWESOME by the way. So lovley game cracking graphics, awesome car chasings, and a real challange on 007 mode.

  2.  GTA 4 During the War


    Brilliant game all round, very addictive, lots of fun with funny dialogue, Platinum in 48 hrs of actual game play.

  3.  The CLUES in the title!!!!!


    NO ITS NOT COD its Medal of Honor, why does every game in this genre have to be compared to COD, if you want COD then PLAY COD, I thought this game was excellent, ok the campaign is short so what, its still a good game, the sniping levels i thought were brill, and i loved the gunship level as well. Easy trophys to earn as well. The online isnt bad either i thought the servers were quite quick, and the maps are pretty big, so you can run around a bit before getting shot ;) I give this game a thumbs up cos the only other FPS i've played is Modern Warfare 2, and i think this game is just as fun.

  4.  Still playing after one year!!!!!


    With over 1.2 million online community members this game justs get better and bigger, the quickest game to get online with, superb vehicles to drive that handle great, awesome free bike pack, and more downloadable content on the way. This game rocks, best burnout ever, own it, its a must have for any serious ps3 gamer.

  5.  Excellent!!!!!!


    Owned this one on PS2 however had to have it on the PS3, game play totaly different, and excellent graphics, easy to complete, but still a challanging game, ending is open to sequel, Splinter Cell : Conviction, however UBISOFT say its not coming for PS3, shame on them

  6.  What can i say? MINT


    Had this game just before xmas, and couldnt stop playing it, played it for at least 10 hours one day during my xmas hols, still playing it now looking for the flags and such, excellent graphics, interaction with the crowd and buildings is great, top game for PS3 ubisoft rules

  7.  Oh! What a Game


    Excellent game all round, enjoyed the making of videos that you unlock after completion, although an easy game to finish it is still a must have for the PS3..... More like this one please