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  1.  Fantastic


    I was at the recording for this DVD last night at the Palace Theatre and it was hilarious. All his tales about his dad and his comical timing is genius. Definatly worth purchasing, i couldnt stop laughing.

  2.  Fantastic


    Ive never read the book to be able to compare the series to it but i think this series was really intresting. I dont think it glamorizes prostitution but kinda gives you a 'day in the life' of a call girl. Although some parts are quite raunchy you have to expect that considering the topic. I think the acting is good and the story lines are well portrayed.
    I must say though, although i found this season really good i havent been as impressed with the second series which is showing on tv. It doesnt seem to have the same quality and in all honesty is a bit boring

  3. Juno



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     Bit Of A Let Down


    I was so excited to see this and noticing the price was only £6.99 i went for it. I'd been wanting to see it since it was at the cinema and i have to say it was a let down for me. It was way too hyped up being classed as 'genius' and 'incredibly funny' when its not much different from other teen/pregnancy based films and wasnt all that funny. Of course, this is only my opinion but it was definately over rated.

  4.  Supernatural Is The BEST!


    I LOVE Supernatural! It contains everything needed to make a great tv programme. I am so pleased it has finally arrived after months of waiting on pre-order. Its scary, sexy, adventurous, interesting, mind opening and more. Its a brilliant mixture of great story lines, fantastic acting and sexy characters/stars. Unfortunately this season was cut short due to the writers strike but i am hoping they will make up for it with the next season. Roll on season 4!!!

  5.  Fantastic Product, Value For Money


    I am so pleased i bought this memory card, i now have more memory than i know what to do with. It works perfectly in my W580i. It stores upto 1000 mp3s, 44hrs of video & 3,700 pictures. If you're not after a huge amount of memory then i suggest the 2GB might be better for you but if you're after alot of space this is the card for you. Fantastic value for £14.99

  6.  Better Than Expected


    I have only just started playing this game but i am really enjoying it. The only downfall is that your eyes have to be everywhere! On the top screen, the bottom screen, reading info, sorting ques, preventing rides from blowing up...definately a game to keep you busy. Im having a bit of trouble with missing children in the park, it keeps telling me there is a child missing but i have no idea how you are supposed to find them, been looking at the rides but cant spot them, can anyone give me some advice on this?

  7.  The First One Is The Best


    Ive loved both of these films since they came out and i am so pleased that i have finally bought them. The first installment is the best, in my opinion, as it is action packed and obviously theres a love story building too. The second one is just as good but does lack some of the excitement that the first one has. It could be becuse it is set 10years after the first one. My favourite part of the second film is the pigmes, so funny! Definately worth a look as both films are action packed and fun, and for £10.99 for the two you cant go wrong

  8.  'You Dont Got No Ice Cream, Coz You On The Wellfare'


    Hilariously funny! Definately worth the money. I was laughing most of the way through and i was disappointed when it was over. Some of the topics might be a bit sensitive for some but its funny anyway so give it a go. The only down side is the amount of swearing in it...its like every couple of words hes swearing but other than that its a great buy.

  9.  Almost As Good As Bruce Almighty


    Great film, Steve Carell is hilarious. It has the same kinda plot as Bruce Almighty (obviously) and holds its own in comparison. Definately worth a watch and great value for money.

  10.  Better Than Expected


    I must say that this film was alot better than i anticipated as a friend of mine told me that she found it boring. I was quite impressed with the film actually, it has funny elements and some of the things said/statements made in the film are very unique and empowering for women...not that im a feminist or anything. Worth a watch and is definately value for money at only £2.99.