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  1.  Itchy irritating label


    The label at the back of waistband rubs horribly, and irritates. I had to cut it off both pairs of boxers. Quality otherwise is fine

  2.  Low volume, flimsy


    I have always bought Sennheiser headphones. Always found them good, and bought 3 seperate ones off Play's sale.
    I have now had to readjust my opinions on them
    These were the worst of 3 very poor headphones.
    The sound is low, and mediocre. The sound quality I can live with, but the low volume is inexcusable, and makes them worthless for any use, really.
    Flimsily made too. Chinese chat, is the best I can say
    I won't be buying Sennheiser in a hurry again after these, I'll just stick to my old ones. Out of pocket, but much the wiser.

  3.  Nearly twice the price of the new Kindle ?


    Sony need to get their act together on pricing - nearly double the price of the new Kindle, and with a poorer battery life ?
    Its a decent reader, NOT worth the price.

  4.  FAR better than Iggulden


    Conn Iggulden's Emperor series is not in the same class as this feller's writing.
    Iggulden changes characters and situations and ignores things that actually DID happen to fit his storyline, which I absolutely HATE. You don't need to do that, as Sidebottom has proved with this superb debut.
    Can't wait for book 2
    The characters - An Angle, Caledonian and Hibernian - (Englishman* Scotsman and Irishman) - are great.
    * OK, so at the time, the Angles were still in Northern Germany......
    Edit-the cover was great too. Very evocative of the period. Dirty rusty and bloody - NOT all glossy and shiney !

    More please Harry, And as fast as possible !

  5.  Not as funny ? Rubbish - it's BETTER !!!!


    Each to their own of course, and when Fam Guy is good, its superb
    But it's not good all that often
    The Simpsons is 20% good these days, and Futurama, while it IS that good, isn't being made as a series now
    American Dad is good 75% of the time. Superb sometimes, and its FAR more consistant than either Simpsons or Family Guy

  6.  Good hardware but the awful software shortcomings...


    Typical Sony - good hardware, amongst the best you can get, but atrocious software and limited with what it'll play
    And as for video - even worse. No prog given to change the video to what this'll play (it rejects almost everything) superb playback, but what the use of that if nothing will play ?
    And how the hell do you set the clock ?

  7.  The BEST Alternate History


    By quite a large margin, this is the best Alternate History novel I have ever read.
    I'll not say what happens - just treat yourself and buy it. You'll end up hunting down every Turtledove book you can find, to read and buy.
    I did.

  8.  Vista problem ? NO !


    Can't understand the reviewer saying it has problems under Vista.
    I had none - also just right click, properties, compatability, run under XP and also run as administrator.
    Sorts out 80% of Vista-run probs.
    I didn't need to with this however.
    Ran fine.
    Good game.
    But I am a train driver in real life.....

  9.  Horrendously noisy when doing DVD authoring


    It sounds like a paticularly gusty gale force wind with rain.
    The worst I have ever heard.
    Writes fine though.
    Just wished I'd known about the noisiness.
    Honestly - it's noisier than any early cd or dvd writer.
    Maybe it's just Nero.
    Doubt it though.
    HUGELY annoying, hence the low score.
    Its not sata either.
    I'd assumed (wrongly) that it would be.

  10.  Excellent - easy install


    Doddle to install, all drivers etc on cd, mine was as the pic denotes, red with big fan. recognized straight away by Vista, had to put drivers on myself (surprised Vista didnt do the thing itself) and a boost in Vista's Windows Experience Index (the card is 5.4)
    The size of the box it came in was a surprise though - a little bigger than a motherboard box ! All that spare space puzzled me (still does)