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  1.  Great game, shame about the DRM


    Game itself is very good. Graphics are pleasant on the eye and the control system is fluid, intuitive and easy to adjust to.

    On the PC version you can at least re-map all the controls to your liking and it works well enough with joypads.

    Plenty to do from it's previous outing, with little secrets to hunt out if you desire 100% completion rating.

    Save system is non-existent, rather it uses check point style saves, every time you either complete a sub-quest or task or part way through the various story mission scenarios, so it is very forgiving for those who are not avid gamers.

    Combat system is nice and once you get the hang of timing none of the fights should prove difficult at all, considering the AI doesn't attack you all at once from every direction.

    My only gripe is the persistent internet connection required. If you are in an area that loses internet frequently or as we have had in the past where UBisoft's servers are not quite coping then do expect being kicked out now and again. Unfortunately England still has areas where the internet and broadband are not stable for the demands of this DRM.

    The benefit of Ubi's DRM is that your save game data is with them, so if you had to install the game on a new PC then you can at least pick up where you left off.

    My advice, especially if you want to game at friends for a long weekend is to pick up the PS3 or XBox version.

    Until they implement an offline mode for their DRM I would not recommend this, unless you are adamant your net connection is stable, UBI lost a lot of customers with this so I want to pre-warn anyone looking to purchase this on the PC.

    The game is good though so don't get the wrong idea about it :)