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  1.  wow what a phone


    i was lucky enough to get one of these this morning in black on orange it really is the bees knees .super fast screen. like no other andriod market great cam touch screen is a dream .the iphone can not even come close to this phone if you are looking for something that does it all dont even hesitate this is the iphone killer .4gb card comes preloaded whice is enough for now and play.com are doing a great deal on a 8gb card what more could u ask for buy it !!!

  2.  online play now sorted out


    first of all like most have said this is not cod and to be honest its not a bad thing has i find cod is ok but its just run and gun no thinking. even your 5yr old could play it where has this is a real shooter yes it does have some pop ups now and then and online is only just sorted.at last :) but what a blast online get 3 friends in your team with headsets and nothing comes close to the feeling your really on a battlefield this game will eat the hours away online and off also has death match style game mode whice is also very good if you want a game that will test you and have you coming back for more then this is the one you want plus you dont tend to get 10yr old kids shouting down the mic on this game has its too hard for them there all still playing cod 4 whice is a bonus for me buy it !!! see you on the battlefield men

  3.  loving it


    Was not sure what to expect with this but having grown up playing this game on the snes etc i just had to get it.and so glad i did. Back to the good old days great offline and great new online 1vs1 only trouble is im a little rusty lol but its been a few years :-)

  4.  vegas is back at long last


    great game if you like the first one then youll love this yes its not perfect online at the moment but lets face it even cod 4 was awfull online for the first week or so till its sorted out just give it time and im sure vegas will be just has great the 2nd time round i played around 3hrs last night and did notice some games you could not connect to at all but i herd this is due to high demand on servers but i did always get a game in the end noware near has bad has army of 2s awfull online play .well worth a look

  5.  5 stars here :)


    had this phone now for 3 days and love it i thought it was going to be just a prada with a few new stuff but oh no. theres so much more than that. i have used the iphone and find it very slow and over rated this is just great buy it you wont make a better choice. i change my phones very very often and have had too many to list but this one will be staying at least till the contracts up anyway :)

  6.  could be better!


    first of all there are no wireless mics with this as advertised!they are just the same old ps2 ones,online store only has limited ammount of songs at the moment.online clips can be fun loads quicker than ps2 version worth buying but buy solus version use your ps2 mics and save cash!

  7. Skate



    7 New from  £14.21  Free delivery

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     its a cracker


    where do i start i could go on all week about this game all i will say is BUY BUY BUY

  8.  poor my backside


    has for the last comment on this console been poor and the 360 been better that is a complete joke i have owned all 3 myself and now have a wii and a ps3 i have had 2 x360s and both broke down nothing new there then and after having the ps3 i would no way go back to the x360 just give this console time and youll see just what it can do