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  1.  I have'nt had this much fun since Series Three.


    After Series Three ended, and we had a fantastic Christmas special, the Voyage of the Damned, Series Four began, I enjoyed Series 4, it was a fantastic series, although Series 3 was far better, and I was beggining to believe Doctor Who would never be as good as Series 1 2 and 3 were, oh but I was wrong, in 2010 a fantastic series with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill came along, and it was excellant!

    The Eleventh Hour- A fantastic start to the series, it was'nt that great at first, but it got so much better later on, and was an explosive opening, with flashbacks of previous Doctors and enemies, and an exciting hint at the finale.
    The Beast Below- An interesting episode, set in the far future, on Starship UK, where the UK is a spaceship, being steered by a-, well I wont spoil it for the few who havent seen this series, this episode was confusing at first, I had a feeling that Series 5 was'nt going to be that great, I mean it was a great episode but, it just was'nt the best, it took me 3 times of viewing before I fully understood the plot, and usually I can grasp any complex plot within seconds.
    Victory of the Daleks-
    This episode totally restored by faith in this series, it was'nt much like The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, this was more about the military and politics of World War Two , rather than the people affected by it, but it was an extremely exciting story, the Ironside Daleks were fantastic, Bracewell turning out to be....well...spoilers, was totally unexpected, as were many other things, which I wont spoil, although I will say, there are 5 new Daleks, you either love em or you hate em, I personally love them, although they do look a bit weird for daleks.
    Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone- An exciting reintroduction of River Song, the opening was fantastic, the setting of Alfava Metraxis and Father Octavian and the Clerics were very interesting, as my nan said, the episode had a very "eerie" feel to it, and the return of the Weeping Angels of course was fantastic, not only were they more horrific and dangerous, but there were more of them, and the episodes gave an interesting , but brief view of the Doctors future.
    Vampires In Venice- This episode was fantastic, a lot of DEMANDING, HARD TO SATISFY, UNIVERSITY GRADUATES, complained that this episode was'nt contemporary Venice, due to it being filmed in Croatia, but honestly, what is the problem with that? Most people dont even realise this, I certaunly did'nt, it looked believable to me, and this episode had one of Doctor Who's most interesting monsters, fish-vampires from a far-off Planet called Satanine, very interesting, and thats saying something, seeing as I usually dont like CGI monsters that much, as I dont find them that realistic.
    Amys Choice- Now this episode was highly unexpected, it was very dark, it's literally the dark side of Doctor Who, it's a very confusing, slow paced episode, which I enjoyed very much.

    The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood- Now these 2 episodes were some of Doctor Who's best, set in a small place in South Wales, a drilling project awakened a famous Classic Doctor Who species, from under the Earth- The Silurians. Unfortunately The Sea Devils did'nt make an appearence and were'nt even references, although you do find some of the Silurian solidiers carrying weapons and wearing clothes similar to that of the Sea Devils. Now a lot of people complained that the Silurians were poor compared to the classic versions, I admit the original silurians were the best, although this was an interesting side to the species, these ones were more human-like, which was intresting, you could empathise with them more , but the third eye would have been nice.
    Vincent and the Doctor- a nice ....tbc