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  1.  A fantastic fps/survival horror hybrid


    Metro 2033 is one of the most unique and compelling shooters I've played on the Xbox 360. The visuals are strong, the shooting is solid, the story is captivating and the monster designs are original. It's more streamlined and dare I say linear than the open world setting of Fallout 3 but don't let that put you off. If you are a horror/shooter fan this may well be the game to tide you over this Summer.

  2.  A great start to a promising franchise


    Alan Wake is arguably one of the best and most polished psychological action horror games out on the 360 to date. Remedy have done a fantastic job creating a tense, atmospheric and story-driven psychological horror. It is however a very linear experience (as opposed to a game like Deadly Premonition) but don't let that put you off. For 15 quid this is a no-brainer for horror fans.

  3.  The best Aliens and Predator based game I've ever played


    I've played all the previous avp games and I must say that this is definitely the best of the bunch. This game is sooo underrated. The online component is so much fun. The traditional Death Match, Species Team DM and Mixed Species Team DM modes are awesome but its in the other modes such as Infestation and Predator Hunt where the game really shines. The SP campaigns are enjoyable but are merely 'training' for the online modes. If you're a fan of the franchises get this game. It's definitely one of the most atmospheric and enjoyable shooters out on the ps3. Don't miss out!

  4.  A diamond in the rough


    I imported this game on ps3 about three months ago and though the menus were in Korean I managed to complete the game (the dialogue was in english - phew!)

    It's the first open world survival horror which is basically a kinda hybrid of GTA, Silent Hill and Resident Evil. You control Francis Morgan, an FBI agent sent to investigate the murder of a young girl in a town called Greenvale. I don't want to spoil it but I can assure you that this game has a riveting story with lots of twists and turns, weird and eccentric characters and some really entertaining dialogue. It's quite a long game, about 20-25 hours and there are also lots of optional side quests to do along the way.

    It's a strange game because even though the graphics aren't the best the game really hooks you in. I can safely say that you have never played a game quite like DP. It's ambitious, witty, smart and scary and though it may not be the best looking game you've ever played it might well be the most memorable.

  5.  A hidden gem


    This is by far the most challenging and rewarding game I've ever played. Though it is a very difficult game it is never unfair and every death is a learning experience which helps make you a much better player. The graphics are extremely polished, the fighting system is easy to pick up and the enemy AI is extremely clever. The typical rpg elements such as upgrading weapons, buying spells and upgrading stats are all here and done well. Don't let the difficulty of this game put you off. This is a unique rpg that needs to be experienced. Just don't expect an easy ride.

  6.  Astonishing


    This is one of the best games I have ever played! It's a massive game with a 100+ hours of gameplay, tons of interesting quests and characters, a level of immersion that is rare to find in most games and is quite simply one of the finest crafted rpgs of this console generation. Any rpg fan should have this game in their collection. Essential.

  7.  The most underrated Silent Hill of all time


    This is such a great Silent Hill game. The story is fantastic and new developer Double Helix have captured the Silent Hill vibe and atmosphere really well.

    This game had mixed reviews when it came out so I was apprehensive about playing it at first but it really has got everything a good Silent Hill needs; An interesting central character, unsettling and creepy monster designs, unnerving music from series veteran Akira Yamaoka, some good graphics and a great story. If you are a survival horror/SH fan then you owe it to yourself to check this out.