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  1.  at last


    the movie industry has tried to capitalise on the success of predator 1and 2 and aliens 1 and 2 for a while now, but to no success. alien 3 was boring, alien res was ok'ish, AVP1 had a half decent story but that was it, AVP2 was terrible. AVP2 tried to throw as many things at you in one film as it could and it just did not work. For example, if an alien impregnates a human, it does not become haplf alien half human, if they impregnate a dog, it does not become half alien half dog, yet in AVP2 when it impregnates a predator all of a sudden you get a half alien half predator. IT was the whole mood and atmosphere of the originals and the characters which made them so good, not what monsters there were. for eaxample, in predator one and aliens, you do not see any of besties till at least 45 mins into the movie, it was all about the characters and the atmosphere, building tension via a good plot and surroundings. Robert rod knows this, and has tried to recreate the mood and charaters as found in the original, ie you do not see a predator in the new predators till a good 30 to 45 mins into the film. If you are a true fan of thes films, i have no doubt you will enjoy this, robert has done a good job with this one. My only downer is the ending is OK only.
    Also, i love the way robert puts his own stamp on the film with the use of machete from desperado and planet terror, now predators and soon to be in his own film called machete out in september.

    It is nice to see a proper attempt at making a film using an iconic beastie, rather than ripping it to shreds just to make money out of the fans