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  1.  Fantastic!!!


    I would agree with the other review. I used this for the first time today and it is much easier to set up than the other My Fitness Coach game which I also have but which I haven't used yet. It is very boxing orientated but it is good fun and really gets you sweating. I have taken two Boxing exams so far - not bad for the first day. It is very addictive as I was on it for over an hour and it gives you gold marks which you can use in the shop. You also open up more moves such as Jump Rope and you can move on to more advanced levels. All in all, good fun and you get a good workout.

  2.  Magnificent


    Well it's not surprising that the contestants lost so much weight on the show if the workouts are anything to go by. I did the strength and fat burn workout as well as the warm up and cardio workout. I would recommend to have plenty of water on standby as well as a towel and to open the windows as you will really be sweating. It is quite difficult but if you persevere I'm sure you will have great results. Richard makes it more fun than Angie so you don't feel as though you are working so hard with him. There are different workouts but the warm up, cardio and cool down are the same whichever workout you do so it could feel a bit monotonous. If you can get past this, you will really enjoy it and your body will love it too. In the strength workout, you are using dumbells doing squats etc. There are extras on the DVD such as Nutrition Advice but I haven't used these yet. I would recommend this DVD to anyone and it's cheaper at Play.com than at Tesco.

  3.  Magic!!!


    I would totally agree with the other reviews. I have had this for a while now but never got round to using it as I have quite a few other fitness DVD's and Wii games. Boy, did I work up a sweat. It is very fast moving and I did find it difficult picking up some of the moves but I will be better prepared next time. I think this will be really good for toning if the first time of usage is anything to go by. She keeps you motivated throughout and the time just flies by. I did the whole workout but it would be equally as good if you only wanted to do one 10 minute section. Thoroughly recommended!!

  4.  Worth Every Penny!


    I would totally agree with the comments. I did two of the workouts after doing Sports Active Trainer and boy did I feel it. I have done 4 out of the 5 workouts so far and it is really intense. I haven't noticed a difference yet as I have only started but I'm sure the results of my hard work will show soon. It is one of the best abs workouts I have found and I would recommend anyone to buy it. The good thing is the segments are only 10 minutes long so if you are really feeling the burn, it will only last a short while. Get ready to hit the beach in that bikini!!

  5.  Fitness Ultimatum


    To be fair, the first time I used this, I agreed with the other reviews that it was pretty rubbish. However, I have since tried it again on the hard intensity and I found it much better. The controls are hard to master to start with but if you stay with it, you will get there in the end. I would say it works better without the Wii balance board. Some of the tasks are easier to do than others but I really worked up a sweat. There is a lot of waving your arms around and not seeming to get anywhere whatever you do but you are also moving your hips and your legs as well. I used this while on a rest day from EA Active Sports Trainer. This lost a mark for me as it isn't very well explained and there is no interactive trainer showing you what to do. I have done the weight loss and hill climb workouts so far and I have opened up quite a few tips. I suppose it all depends on your personal choice but I would recommend this to people though you would have to do other things as well such as Sports Active.

  6.  Absolutely Fantastic


    I am doing the 30 day challenge on the high intensity workout. For those of you new to fitness, I would recommend you to start at the lowest level. It is much better than the Wii Fit which I also have and it is much cheaper. You will really sweat unless you aren't working properly. I am about 8 days into the challenge now and boy am I feeling it. My arms are really toned now and the great thing with Sports Active is the exercises change all the time so you don't get bored. You really feel as though you are there whether it is on the basketball court, on the track or doing some dance moves. The calories you burn are displayed on the screen and there is an on screen trainer who shows you the moves. There are also videos you can watch to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. I was introduced to the squat hold today where you have to squat down and hold it for a minute. Really hard but I managed it twice and I'm 41 with 2 kids. If you are only thinking of buying one game, I would get this one as you will feel the benefits. You can take the lifestyle survey where you say if you have eaten the required portions of veg and if you have done any other activities etc. A good motivation with this is you collect trophies as you go along. Go on, treat yourself, your body will love it! You can do it in the comfort of your own home and you get rest days. Buy it now, you won't regret it!!

  7.  Brilliant, Addictive, Fun!


    What a brilliant game. We have been playing this almost non-stop since christmas. Don't be put off by the cover as the games are really fun. It is fun with the balance board but just as much fun without it! There are things like pimp my rabbid and you can unlock different days which gives you different activities. All the budding john travoltas out there eat your heart out as there are a few exercises where you have to follow the moves (not as easy as it sounds). There is also beestie boarding where a goat is your snowboard and you go winging down hills trying to go round the flags. It would take too long to explain all the different games you can unlock on here so all i will say is buy it, you won't be disappointed!!

  8.  Absolutely Fantastic!


    I bought this game for the kids for Christmas but couldn't resist having a go myself. It's one of the best games I have played and is very addictive. You certainly feel it in your arms if you haven't been used to exercising them. The music is excellent and you keep wanting to go on to the next level. Well worth the money! It will keep you entertained for hours! I would have given it 10 stars if I could.

  9.  Sheer Genius!


    The first time I did this DVD I found it a bit hard to follow as it is so fast moving but it was great the second time around. The music is really upbeat and you repeat some of the exerices later on in the DVD. You are having so much fun it hardly seems like you are exercising but you will feel it and see the difference! Thoroughly recommended!!

  10.  Excellent, Buy It!


    I thought this was a really excellent DVD. The music is fantastic and, although you are working hard, it is good fun as well with lots of variety in the moves. Also, if you want an even harder workout, you can follow the moves the bloke does, or if you are finding the going hard, you can follow one of the women who is doing an easier intensity. This is the first Ministry of Sound DVD I have done and I would recommend it. I did it all the way through but I exercise every day so some people who are new to exercise might have to work up to doing the whole DVD. I would agree with others that the toning section isn't long enough but the rest of the DVD more than makes up for it. Enjoy!