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  1.  Didnt grip me like the other 2


    By the time I finished the second book (which I loved) I really didnt know how they were going to carry in into a third and if im honest I feel the third was a little unnessesary and I feel that they could have slightly extended the 2nd one rather than writing a third, I feel that this book was very slow in places, having said that I did read it in a few sittings and it wasnt awful but just not the best in my opinion.

  2.  Made me hungry for more


    I have only recently come across the hunger games and if im honest I wasnt initially looking forward to reading it as I thought it was going to be quite violent but once I was a few pages in you realise that it tells a different story of the games as opposed to me thinking it was just going to be about brutel killings.I was instantly hooked to this book and I would literally read it at every spare second that I had and found it so different and Suzanne Collins has written a really imaginative book in my opinion. I am now going to buy the second one as I am just dying to know what happens next.

  3.  Katie Fforde has cooked up a real treat


    I have read most of Katies Fforde's books and I couldnt wait to read this as I love Katies style and I was instanstly drawn in right from the start. I found this book very Modern and was a cross between the apprentice and master chef! I dont normally hate characters as much as I hated Cher in this book but Cher being so horrid just made Zoe even more lovable in my opinion.Anyone that likes Katies previous books should read without a doubt! I now cannot wait to read Summer of love.

  4.  A Nice Easy Read


    I would be lying if I said I was instantly hooked by this book as I wasnt but from about chapter 4 I was in to it, The problem I have is that I have come to expect so much from SK and this didnt meet the highs of Kinsellas other books however that said it was a nice romantic read that in my opinion still deserves 4 stars. The footnotes didnt upset me as much as other people but I did think that they were a little unnessesary but I wouldnt say that they ruined the book like other reveiwers have said. If you like the other Kinsella books then read this but I would just say to maybe not expect as much as her others have given us.

  5.  A.....M....AZING


    I can honestly say that this is the first book that I have been hooked on by the first page! The way that Paige writes the opening chapter is incredible and it just makes you long for more, I found myself reading this at every possible second that I could and I just could not wait till I could lose myself in this wonderful story. I will most definatly be reading all of Paige Toons books and I will be longing for everyone to read this! A....M....AZING!

  6.  Fun and Fab


    I have only recently discovered Jane Costello and I have fallen in love with her writing, This book is a fun light highted chick lit book which once picked up is very hard to put down.I like the way that Costello keeps her chapters short which keeps you wanting to read more - I wish I could have given this book 4 1/2 stars as the only reason I wanted to knock it by a half a star is purely because I feel its ends a little abrubptly and I would have personally just like one more chapter to bring the ending together a little more. This book reminded me of Marshmallows for breakfast by Dorothy Koomson a little and if you like quick light hearted reads then you will love this.

  7.  Totally Brilliant


    I have loved every Dorothy Koomson book and this one was by far the best one of the lot in my opinion. This book has an amazing air of mystery about it and I just found myself gripped right from the beginning to the very end of this book.Everyone needs this book in their life in my opinion!

  8.  Delightful


    Although this is a fairly old book I have only just read this and I loved it, It reminded me very much of the book 'one day' by David Nicholls (or should I say one day reminds me of this as this was written first I think) Its a story about 2 best friends (Digby and Nadine) who have known each other their whole lifes and they are now turning Thirty but are both still single, the story goes through old flames of both Digby and Nadine and the whole way through I found myself shouting at the book to tell them to get together! This book is very lightharted and a nice easy read - Lisa Jewlell never fails to impress me!

  9.  Imaginative


    I love Sophie Kinsellas books and this one is by far her most imaginative, when I started this book I wasnt sure if I was going to like it but lots of reviews had said to keep with it as its wonderful and that is exactly right, once you really start getting into it you forget that Sadie is a ghost and you start to think of her as a normal character. This book really left me wanting more and more from Sophie Kinsella as I have never read a bad book by her!

  10.  I Heart - I Heart Vegas


    Once again Lindsey Kelk has produced an amazing read! When this first arrived through my letter box I could not wait to get reading but I knew I would read it super quick so I made myself wait and also made myself read it in more than one sitting so as to prolong the end of another journey for Angela, I have to say I think this was my favourite of the I heart series and I really fell in love with Alex this time round and I can now see the attration that Angela has to him. I love reading about all of Angelas adventures and I always feel like I am there with her. I now cant wait for I Heart London to land on my door mat.