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  1.  One of my favourites


    Superb stuff from a man who has only recently risen to being on screen. Yes, there is crude material, but it is shock comedy and judging by the reactions of the audience they loved every second of it as much as I did!

  2. Elf



    19 New from  £3.35  Free delivery

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     Different festive tale


    The story of a human that thinks he's an elf...genius, humerous and a favourite. Will Farrell brings his comedy style to this Christmas fil and is succesful in doing so. Also this film presents a unique view of a human that doesn't know how to live in a modern human world, which in itself is entertaining! Finally it also has Zooey Deschanel in, her and Farrell make this film a must see.

  3.  Christmas fun


    Quite possibly peoples' favourite Christmas films, certainly up there in the list. These two films are in my opinion the best, they're silly, slapstick films but are good fun and popular with all the family. A great boxset and a great deal, two classics for the shelf that will be out and viewed every year!

  4.  Loved it


    Another amazing journey undertaken by the pair as they travel from John O Groats to Capetown, meeting many different characters along the way. The sights and history provided about cities and people on the journey are simply amazing. I held back on the 5th star, because as good as this is, Long Way Round was just an epic adventure with issues that required team work to overcome them in order for the journey to be completed. Although there are moments in this when these problems occur they are no where near the proportions of those experienced on LWR.

  5. Soul 2

    Soul 2

    Seal - CD

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     Christmas present


    So I'm told by my mum (her gift) that this is just as good as the first Soul album by Seal. His usual vocal skills shine through to deliver a good sound to some classic 60's soul songs. Thumbs up from her :)

  6.  A classic


    One of my favourite, if not my favourite, Christmas movie of all time. Tim Allen is his standard funny self in this festive film, perfect to watch to brighten up a cold, miserable winter day. Really gets the spirit and excitement of Christmas going in all the family!

  7.  Simply genius


    An amazing DVD of his tour! His main act is broken up on occasion by 5 minute stories as he turns to his little black book of short comical events that have happened to him over the years (mostly family related). Absolutley laugh out loud comedy throughout. Personally I was hoping the DVD would not stop, a definate for repeat viewing.

  8.  Impressive


    A good all round film with some interesting heroes and villans. As expected the film focuses mainly around the main character Hal Jordan (Reynolds) and filling you in on his past and his search for courage to become a respected member of the Green Lantern. Good effects used he movie and the duration time flies by. Hopefully not the last Green Lantern film to be produced as an intergalactic society of heroes is quite cool!!

  9.  Very poor


    It pains me to say ,but this is a dreadful game. Handling, sound, looks are all terrible. The bikes look great, however when you are racing the circuit and all its surroundings have a sepia tone effect, which considering this was said to be a simulation game is very unrealistic.
    The final DLC (2010 Moto2 and 125cc) took a long time to be released and when it was none of the PS3 users were able to install it as the add on file size was incorrect. After a further months wait (now the end of November 2010) it was released correctly. However the Moto2 bikes sounded like you were riding onboard all the time.

    Save your money and buy SBK X, or SBK 2011 when it is released in May 2011.

  10.  Pure excellence


    What a game, easy to get into, with sim and arcade. Can't fault it, legs stay on the pegs and hands on the bars - unlike MotoGP 09/10. this is, as one person already said, 1000% better than MotoGP 09/10.

    Can't wait for SBK 2011 !! :)