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  1.  Same as Arkham City but new story


    This game is excellent and if you enjoyed the last 2 arkham games then you will enjoy playing this as nothing much has been changed since arkham city, the gameplay is the same with very fluid combat and there are new villains to enjoy and some new gadegts. There has been a fast travel put in which can be handy when things are on other side of map.

  2.  wrestling at is best


    This game is a very good game, if you played the last one then there is not much of a difference I found, but the best bit is the 30 years of wrestle mania. And if like me you were brought up in the 80's and 90's watching wrestling then you will love this part. Playing the fights that I grew up watching is very exciting and I was even getting goose bumps while reliving the old classic matches with wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant and plenty more.

  3.  better than skyrim? hell no.


    People who say this game is better than skyrim just make me laugh, don't get me wrong the game is quite enjoyable with good combat and so on but just lacked something to make it a great game. Buy skyrim instead.

  4.  Amazing game.


    I put off buying this game for quite a while after reading about all the problems people where saying the game had, but finally had to buy it and i am very impressed. I never played any of the other elder scrolls games before so didn't really now what to expect but once i got started i could not put down my controller for hours on end. I have not came across any problems with this game yet and am about 40 hours into the game and just hope none pop up, even though i have downloaded the new patch for it so i don't know if they have fixed all problems but i certanily aint seen any. If you like fallout games then this game you will love as it also has a massive open world to explore and loads of missions to do. Go out and buy it now as this game is incredible and is definately a 5 star game for me.

  5.  3 of the best


    After playing and loving all these 3 on ps2, i was in two minds to buy and play them again, but boy im glad i did as these are some of the best stealth games if not the best ever. There are even trophies to be won, so there is more reason to play through again and again. SAM FISHER AT HIS BEST.

  6.  Beautiful and Brilliant Game


    This game gives you some beautifull graphics along with some brilliant gameplay. There has been people saying you cant do what ever mission you want after you start a main mission, but i found that you can go wherever you want whenever you want. This game is one of my favourite games i have played for along time, bit of slow starter, but once you start crafting your new weapons with things you find this game just gets better and better. AMAZING GAME.

  7.  excellent game


    I bought this game for 2.30 after i had been putting it off for quite a few years. When it was released in 2006 for ps3 launch i heard good things but never got round to playing it. Now 2012 after seeing resistance 3 in friends house, i thought i would go back to first game before playing any of the other 2 and was very inpressed with the game and now cant wait to play resistance 2 and 3. Brilliant.

  8. Rage



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     brilliant game


    This game is a very good shooter, graphics are brill and the gameplay is excellent. People who say this game is way to short really must have had it on easy and only followed the story missions and never did the side missions or the races. I just finished the game and i had over 13 hours of gameplay which is not bad for ten pound.

  9.  EXcellent


    This is one of the best games i have played for a long time and it really is the sort of game you can't put down once u start. Gameplay is excellent and the game is quite long and can be real challengeing if not on the easy level. Well worth the money.

  10.  god of games


    These games are brilliant, i never played them before and was going to buy god of war 3 first, until i seen this collection and decided to buy it. Boy am i glad i played these first, with over 10hrs of play on each game they are awesome, even though they are ps2 games updated in HD, the graphics are pretty good. Well worth the money, cant wait to play god of war 3 and volume 2 of collection.