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  1.  Classic


    Its hard first playthough, be warned, but, its so worth it(you get to keep your stuff from previous playthoughs), theres tons of different routes in this game for nearly each character all very interesting stories, alot of hours play here it is grindy though as alot of the main plot fights you need to beef up your crew.
    If you like a challenge and interesting story go for it.

  2.  Is good


    Is alot smoother combat wise then the previous games alot of fun straight though, the changing into a monster thing is cool and how the villagers react.
    Not as grindy as the previous games which is a nice change.

  3.  Great game


    First off i wouldnt buy this for my 12 year old IF i had one, it should be teen there are err some voilent bits in this, second it doesnt have a decent tutorial for the space battle in game, from there its UP hill really if your like anime or space adventures it doesnt get any better i think ive completed this 3 times took like 60 hours each if not more there are alternative story routes, loads of different ships to buy tons of stuff you can get on your ship(s) and crew members for them to make them run faster. Combat is fairly easy its like rock paper scissors with HP bars and distances, sounds boring but it is fun and pimping up your ships doesnt get boring, the story itself like said is great if anything if you play though the second time you feel like you get the big picture. so yeah if you bored and want a decent PSP game go for it

  4.  Dont miss out


    Great story, epic battlesystem, cant praise this game enough its atleast 80plus hours long, it doesnt feel like a grindfest at all if anything the battlesystem alone will have you running towards enamies.
    Dont miss out if your a RPG fan, get it you wont be disappointed.