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  1.  Action scenes are awesome


    I like many compared the pacific to band of brothers, of which band of brothers comes out on top. But in itself, the battle scenes are very very good, you feel much more immersed in the action than you did int the band of brothers series. And Glossopcrew, its not the Vietnam war!!!!

  2.  Great Game


    Well, this game was well worth the wait. I'm not going to waste anyones time reviewing the demo. The game has been made a whole lot easier compared to the last one in terms of controls. The gameplay itself has been vastly improved, and to be honest, the storyline is less cheesey. Great thing is you can kill the 2 main characters from the last game in the first japanese mission. Result! Its what you want from a WW2 game. If you play as the americans, the war ends normally, BUT if you play as the japanese, you can win the war. The one thing that makes me go for 4 stars rather than 5 is the graphics. on HD, its brilliant, but for a standard picture, you cannot read any of the text. Other than that, its all very good!

  3.  Well im pleased!


    I was a bit concerned with this title becoming another flop in the star wars gaming department, but im pleasantly suprised. Graphics are very good, not quite up to those of COD4 but not too far off. Gameplay envolves a lot of button bashing, but then in my view they are the best. The controls are very good, and camera can be a little dodgy but nothing you cant get used to. I am dissapointed in the lack of multiplayer though! Also wheres my General Kota unlock code??? Google it and you can get it!

  4.  Wow, they pulled it off!


    When reading previews of COD4 before its release, I was very skeptical of what it would turn out like, I was expecting a big storyline about how the USA takes over the whole of the middle east, but I am pleasantly surprised at how unbiased the whole story is! The game play is outstanding, and graphics are stunning, couldn't have asked for more really, only slight downer was how short the one player mode is, but this is a tiny fraction compared to the positives I can think of. Cant wait to get online with it!

  5.  Not bad


    Had high hopes for this film, was expecting a remake of the John Wayne film "Sands of Iwo Jima", but wasn't expecting it to drift off to a story about the men who raised the flag on the mountain. But it is hard hitting never the less, worth a watch for those who want in depth instead of killing.

  6.  What a great game!


    I was anxious to get this one at first, thought it could be another Mario sporting flop, but Im really suprised how good it is, a real laugh, the way football should be played :D

  7.  Very Handy


    This is a godsend for keeping my wii and controllers together with the added bonus of a charging dock, makes the whole console look better than it did with the silver stand it comes with. and the best part is IT GLOWS BLUE!!!

  8.  Quake IV


    A super 1st person, with all the wonders of the previous Quake games. It continues the story from Quake 2, you play as the same character and hear references to your achievements from the previous game. Its quite a hard game, but then thats what you'd expect from a quake game. Only got 4 stars due to the fact the game isnt that long. But apart from that its great.

  9.  Perfect Dark Zero


    I really enjoyed this game, superb graphics and quite close to what I can remember of Perfect Dark on the N64, Single player is fantastic including multiplayer. Sadly though once you complete it theres nothing that will make you re-run the levels again. Over all a very entertaining game.

  10.  Lego Star Wars 2


    What can I say? This is one of the best games I've played for a long time. The gameplay and graphics are great, the game is really addictive and you can quite easily get hooked on it for hours. Once you complete the story mode you can go back and replay levels to unlock more things, I havent got bored of it with over 40 hours game play.