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  1.  My God


    Asif! Honestly, words can not describe. Seriously advise against reading.

  2.  If this was the last book on earth...


    If this was the last book on earth, and it was just me, in a room, by myself, there is no amount of boredom that would make me read this book again. I'm not even exagerating, possibly one of the worst things I ever read. It ends exactly how it starts and I couldn't tell you what happens inbetween.

  3.  Cut your losses


    If you enjoyed reading twilight, then go ahead and read this one, I suppose you've got nothing more to lose, as for those of you thinking about reading the series, I seriously advise against it.

    This review would have had more stars based solely on the fact that Edward goes awol for most of the book, however, all that's left behind after he leaves is an even more depressed Bella (if you can imagine such a thing) and her agonizing pain over him not being there to climb through her window and sniff her pillow. This pain makes up pretty much the rest of the book with the occasional life-threatening activities Bella takes on in order to hear Edwards voice (well done do all of those that already guessed she was out of her mind) These activities include cliff diving and having motorbike accidents. If you are starting to think that this perhaps adds depth to the shallow character that is Bella Swan then I urge you to finish this review. Bella Swan remains as dull as ever.

    The only praise this book deserves is for the character of Jacob Black who is quite possibly the only person in the world (real or fictional) who can tolerate Bella's obsessive whining.

    Following the theme of twilight, new moon was badly written, badly structured and entirely empty of any decent development. I implore you, if you've bought this book or even been given it as a gift, bin it or regift it, cut your losses and move onto something that won't suck the life out of you.

  4.  How?


    I really wanted to like this book, the storyline sounded promising, the characters had the potential to create a whole load of intrigue, and I was hooked for the first few pages thinking that the book was going to be amazing. It wasn't. It wasn't even okay.

    I forced myself through every page hoping something would change but it didn't, nothing was revealed, there was no suspense and all in all was badly written. The characters were shallow, the details were hazy and I found it hard to pick back up again once I'd put it down. The twilight books were badly written but at least I could read them without getting so frustrated with every sentence.

    To be honest I'm surprised this book was published. Like I said, the idea for the story was quite good, if only somone else had written it, I'll hold out for the film as they might be able to do a decent job with this.

    Usually I will always finish the trilogy or series but for the first time I will not be reading the next few books, I just couldn't bear it.

  5.  Can't wait to read Industrial Magic


    Because I loved the narrator from the first two books so much, I was reluctant to read Dime Store Magic as the narrator changes from Elena to Paige. However, this book did not dissapoint. It was refreshing to be introduced to so many new characters and added more complexity to the series. Armstrong ties the books together well and leaves no gaps. I can't wait for Industrial Magic to arrive and, with an open mind, I look forward to the next narrator once Paige has finished.