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  1.  Ace!


    I absolutely love this drive, installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit with no hassle what so ever, my PC is running like a dream and start-up is so fast at 9-10 seconds on SATA 2, No messing around with Firmware upgrades either like some SSD's, highly recommended indeed.

  2.  An OK album


    A bit more mainstream than Manson's previous albums but doesn't mean it's bad, i would recommend the songs Running To The Edge Of The World, Blank And White,Arma-goddamn-motherf"*kin-geddon and my fav Leave A Scar.

  3.  Ace


    Well... it does exactly what it says it's supposed to, works well, i use this to plug my PC and my PS3 into my Creative Lab speakers, no loss of sound quality, recommended if you need to hook up multiple devises to a speaker system that has only one input.

  4.  Amazing


    I downgraded from Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 Speakers which cost 250 quid and these 2.1 speakers sound just as good if not better, obviously not surround sound but that's why i bought them, amazing sound and base for my music and PS3/360 gaming, definitely recommended.

  5.  Wikid


    Ace RPG shooter, cell shaded graphics, tons of missions to keep you occupied for ages and the added bonus of it running in 1080p on PS3, nothing else out there like it

  6.  ACE 1080p display


    Delivery: Super quick, ordered 2pm Monday got it 3pm next day, super happy with that thanks Play.com.

    Image quality: Couldn't be happier, PS3 games look ace through HDMI no blur or lag, PC desktop and whatknot looks awesome through DVI, will be keeping the VGA port free for when i get an XBOX360 in the near future.

    The only down sides are that it does not have built in speakers but that didn't bother me anyways and Play did not send me the exact model i ordered the LG W2261V... they sent me the LG W2261VP, only miner differences in build quality but it would have been nice to receive the model i actually ordered, other than that very happy indeed cheers