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    Im a fifa fan over pes I must admit although I would be a pes fan if the graphics were better and they had full fifa licenses then maybe I would be a pes fan but this is about fifa 11 there are some good points like improved transfer system with more search options larger player lists and clubs and you can also view other leagues than your own but with all this improvements there are dissadvantages which could of easily been added this time round like being able to view top 20's from other leagues so you can keep an eye on the top scorers and sign them in the transfer windows and also some player history and club history is always fun to view but even though this isnt primarily a manager game it would add that extra star to the game just spending a few weeks more adding more info to the game

  2.  Perfect Sequel


    All the fans of Fallout 3 and who grow to love the engine style and graphics NV is a step up in every area sure there may be a few bugs and glitches but with a game this massive thats just impossible to avoid so just reload your savepoint and get on with it.
    Bethesda have listened to their fans and improved on all the areas they didnt shine on with Fallout 3 for example customizable weapons, Improved HUD and most importantly hardcore mode for those hardcore gamers who like a challenge which Fallout 3 never really had

  3.  Rockstars Redemption


    Rockstar made it hard for themselves making this game a gem they only released GTA IV a couple of years ago and with new enjoyable DLC's it was hard to see how Red Dead could match or improve on grand theft auto. But once again rockstar have pulled it off this is such an enjoyable game and with the multiplayer features and upcoming DLC's there is endless hours of fun GTA was cut short with limited multiplayer features but Red Dead have picked up where GTA left off and ridin off with multiplayer tackled and hogtied..

  4.  Gta sleeps with the fishes


    This is by far the greatest crime game ever made its hard to find any faults with this masterpeice amazing graphics incredible dialog and storyline pay no attention to reviewers giving this game 7/10 this is a solid 10/10 its not to be compared to any other game on the market this is its own category trust me when i say this is going to blow you away