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  1.  A great insight in psychology


    I brought this book whilst completing my A Level in Psychology for background reading and was impressed it includes the case studies of Genie and Kitty Genovese and others including a boy with OCD and twin studies.

    The book goes over case studies and the impact they had on psychology, it also goes on to explain the findings of the studies and provides supporting and conflicting commentary.

    The book is user friendly unlike a lot of text books, it is very easy to just pick up to read even if you have little knowledge of Psychology.

  2.  I love this movie


    Most people will compare this to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, which has better songs and scarier characters than Corpse Bride does, but in its own right Corpse Bride is a fantastic film.

    I love the characters who are charming, quirky and very Burton-esque with exaggerated features, I also love that in the scenes in the afterlife have vibrant settings whilst the settings in life are dreary. Burton also uses jokes such as "why do you want to go up there, when people are dying to get down here" to add humour into the very dark film.

    Corpse Bride is a great film with a charming story and defiantly worth buying.

  3.  Fantastic


    I've loved this album since 1995, it has the songs people are going to be familiar with such as Common People and Disco 2000. You can't go wrong with it, its a great album, I love Jarvis' voice and style such as using emphasis where it isn't needed and his story telling is just fantastic.

  4.  A nice piece of work here


    I enjoyed listening to this album and preferred it to Final Straw, although, the singles are the highlights of the record, so if you like them, you'll like the album, its all pretty much the same.

    There are slower songs such as Chasing Cars and then more up tempo tracks such as You're All I Have, but its all just Snow Patrol, if you like any of the tracks you'll like the album, its all very consistent, which may be a bad point for the album, its worth buying though.

  5.  Great Album


    Come what (ever) may is a step up from their self titled first album, they've focused more on melodies this time, and in general the music is just so much better. The album has softer moments such as Through Glass, and then full blown guitar driven rants such as Come What (Ever) May.

    To Slipknot fans interested in buying this, if you prefer their first two albums more than Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses, this may not be for you. However, I loved Vol 3 and love this album.

  6.  Classic


    This game is just classic, definatly the best game I have for the DS, it took me back to when I used to play it on the SNES, and over the years it has just got better.

    Also included with the normal missions, are mini games which are as addictive as the main game, and can be played 2 player with a friend through WIFI.

    I've had this game for ages now and am not bored of it at all, I still love Mario and Luigi!

    Don't even think about buying another game, buy this one.

  7.  Brilliant Fun


    I think Mario Kart is one of the best games I have for the DS, theres different tracks and characters to race as. As well as racing theres also missions to complete.

    The game is so much fun when you play with your friends through the DS' wifi abilities.

  8.  For those who havent got any Oasis CDs its perfect


    For those who haven't got any Oasis CDs, Stop The Clocks provides a great compilation of the bands hits.

    For those who have already got Oasis CDs and are wondering whether its worth buying for no extra tracks, the package is great, I love all of the imagery in the package. It also comes with a DVD which gives a brilliant insight into how Noel and Liam wrote the tracks, in the interview they are just so funny.

    At £4.99 (sale price) it is defiantly worth it, its a great package.

  9.  A good overview of The Clash


    This is the first The Clash CD I brought to start me off, which it did well, afterwards you really need to buy some of the other albums or a more elaborate 'best of' type CD.

  10.  Pure, Honest, Rock 'n' Roll


    I love this album, especially when its played loud, it puts more emphasis on the immense guitars.

    Libertad sounds more of a group effort than Contraband does, as they were already working on it before Scott joined, but still, the album feels like the band have now settled in. Everything on the album just sounds right.

    The DVD is average, shows some live footage and some of the band on tour.

    You defiantly have to buy this album.