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  1.  No Good At All


    I really tried to like this movie, it didn't seem to make any sense to me despite trying to explain the whole point of the movie at the end.

    It dragged on for way too long and used every ridiculous horror movie convention in the book, but failed to be scary or intriguing. I would not recommend watching this movie, try something else instead.

  2.  Ideal for families.


    Finding Neverland depicts the story of how J M Barrie wrote Peter Pan after he struggling with his lack of creativity for years.

    The film really captures the magic of the time and of Peter Pan, and shows scenes from Peter Pan as it would have been presented in that time. The story of J M Barrie's personal life is heart warming as he gains inspiration from his adventures with his new found friend and her children.

    I was really impressed by this movie, its enchanting.

  3.  Great insight into mafia life


    I think this is a great movie, first of all the casting of Johnny Depp and Al Pacino is fantastic, Johnny conveys his situation so well, when watching you can tell that underneath his exterior in front of the other mafia members he is crumbling inside. Whilst Pacino is grasping onto whatever dignity he has left within the mafia. By the end of the movie the watcher does sympathise with both characters as intended by Newell.

    Its a fantastic movie into the ways in which the mafia work and how Joseph Pistone worked within the mafia, id recommend it to pretty much anyone.

  4.  Karma For Life, Hey Crabman


    I love this series, its so different from the typical American TV shows we get. Earl is hilarious as he tackles the items on his list to earn good karma, which he discovered after watching an episode of Carson Daily. Earl's character great also the other supporting characters, Randy, Joy and Crabman are fantastic.

    Also the extras on the dvds are awesome, they include out takes and another episode (not aired on tv) - Bad Karma - a must see for earl fans!

    I watched the series on TV on have watched the dvds 3 times now and im not bored of them, theyre definatly worth it.

  5.  Best comic book film?


    This is a great movie, I much prefer it to other movies derived from comic books such as Batman and Fantastic Four. I think the charm is that Peter Parker is a normal guy, and Toby Maguire is perfectly cast to play him. The special effects are awesome and the plot doesn't dwindle unlike some other comic book films which have just had special effects thrown at them in hope that it works, this movie has a great story to it.

    A must see - my favourite comic book film

  6.  So Bad Its Brilliant


    This movie made me cringe, its such as departure from the kooky but cool roles Johnny usually takes on. Cry Baby is kind of like Grease but so cringe worthy its scary.

    Buy it if you're a Depp-fan for the experience, you'll be laughing all the way through it, its defiantly worth £5.

  7.  Toyboata - Fantastic


    This DVD is great value for money, there's loads of James, Richard and Jeremy's hilarious antics such as their races across Europe, amphibious cars, convertible people carrier, limos and making a space shuttle out of a reliant robin. This is the best Top Gear DVD yet.

    Although, the content is the same that has been aired on TV, so only if you want to re-watch their epic challenges should you buy this DVD, don't buy it expecting to see extended versions of the challenges.

  8.  An Average Game


    I got this game when I brought my wii and it failed to show me what the console can really do. The story is really easy and short to complete and the graphics and voices aren't great.

    I did like that throughout the game you play as different characters including Shrek, Puss In Boots, Donkey, Princess Fiona and Sleeping Beauty, who each have their own special ability e.g. as in the film Puss In Boots can charm opponents; and generally it was fun to play.

    I would recommend this game to fans of the movie, and children I think would get more out of this game than elder people.

  9.  A Bargain!


    When you consider that you are only paying £5 for this game as buying a remote is £30, it is defiantly worth it. There are various mini games including shooting tanks, snooker, shooting range, fishing, table tennis, table hocky etc, all can be played 1 player or 2 player, but are more fun with 2 player.

    The games show how powerful and impressive the Nintendo Wii is with its wireless abilities, I recommend you buy this game, it really is great fun.

  10.  A Suprisingly Good Film


    I was pleasantly surprised after begin forced to watch Music and Lyrics, it was good, as long as you don't take it seriously, it is full of cheesy songs and dancing from the 80s which you can't help but laugh at.

    I also liked it because you didn't have to think about it and it didn't drag on. Also Hugh Grant making a fool of himself dancing as if it were still the eighties to audiences of middle aged women who loved him in their teens was amusing for those who are not Hugh Grant fans.

    On the whole the movie is sweet and endearing without being too much of a Hugh Grant cliche, worth watching, even if its just for the Pop Goes My Heart video.