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  1.  Great!


    Great polo, slim fitting and the sizing is accurate for a change! I picked up this black one and the burgundy. Really good quality and price, they look great. Would recommend it.

  2.  Amazing


    Absolutely amazing, brings back many good memories. Playing through them again is brilliant, some of the best action games ever made, great setting and characters. They all look really good, the HD upgrade has done a good job! and who can complain at the price? 3 amazing games (well, DMC 2 is not bad but not as good as 1 and 3).

  3.  A good game!


    No idea why this game has very bad reviews everywhere! Played it on PS3 and It's heaps of FUN which is what a lot of games lack nowadays. It's a spin off in a sense from the main Resi Evil games, It's all action/adventure not horror/puzzle. Great graphics, good gameplay, ammo and health readily available and variety of weapons with some character customization too. Similar to L4D in a sense, there are 4 of you in a group and work your way through familiar and new places in Raccoon City. Defo worth picking up if you enjoy Resi Evil and action/zombie games!

  4.  4/5 Stars


    Firstly this is WAY overpriced, but I guess It's such a high price cause mugs like me and everyone else will pay that amount for it, because It's awesome!

    As stated before, It's quite big, so I wouldn't get it if you're a kid or a small person. Saying that, I'm a guy of average height and quite slim and It looks quite good! Barind in mind, the Jedi robes are meant to be quite big and loose!

    It keeps you comfy and is pretty like for like with the picture that Play has got, sometimes on Play they have a different picture from what you actually get which bugs me!

    On the down side the quality, although good, isn't the best. Loose threads around the breast logo and there's a small hole in the hood. The material, after washes and if you don't take care, will start to follow suite.

    All in all if you have more money than sense and like Star Wars, it's worth a buy!

  5.  Good, but beware sizing!


    A great quality, cool looking t-shirt from Atticus. Although it says slim fit, I got a small and It's massive. More like a medium-large! it's quite long too. Atticus sizing is always ridiculous and seems to change per item! all in all good though minus the sizing issues. Good price too at 4.99!

  6.  Realy Great!


    Brown denim trousers, kinda chocolate in colour. Realy great material and quality, fit is good (skinny/slim fit) and some nice details on the fly, and pockets etc. All in all realy cool if you're into this sort of "scene" so to speak. Bargain price of 7.99 too with free delivery! (although took 7 working days to come)

  7.  DW7 is the best yet


    To start, if you like any DW games you'll love this. If you weren't fussed by them you probably won't be fussed with this either. Anyway, a great new installment. Graphics for a start are pretty decent, cut scenes in particular look very pretty. Still not boundary pushing but good non the less. The whole gaming modes have been revamped completely, Musou Mode and Free Mode are gone. We now have story mode of each kingdom, playing through key battles with different characters. The other Conquest Mode is battling through stages across the map of China playing as who you want and levelling up your characters and weapons etc. Anyway, It's a great new installment and again an awesome cast of characters and a good story. Pick it up if you can.

  8.  One of the best shows in a while...


    What can I say that's not already been said? Spartacus: Blood and Sand is great viewing. If you're into Gladiators, ancient Rome and the likes then you'll like this for sure. Filmed in a way similar to "300", It's also comparable to Ridley Scott's Gladiator in a way. Some great characters who you feel for and the acting is pretty amazing all round. Some say certain characters are 1 dimensional but I disagree, every character you could feel for and you see them change as the series goes on. On to the action, some of the best fighting and action I've seen yet in any film/tv series. Guts, blood and severed limbs are everywhere. Fist fights, sword fights - you name it and Spartacus gives it. Very brutal is an understatement. Also, It's full of nudity/sex scenes in pretty much every episode. Basically a show that your kids should avoid till at least 18. Anyway enough reading reviews, go and purchase this and watch away. I was glued to it and watched 3-4 episodes a night.

  9.  The best fighting/beat em up in a long time


    This is more like it! Absolutely awesome game. Fans of Mortal Kombat will cry with delight at how great they've made this game. Non-fans I'd even suggest picking up. Graphics are very good. Very gory and bloody, clothes rip, characters get cut up etc during the fight! very life-like. Fatalities are easy to do, and are some of the best ever. Great selection of characters. Loads of game modes (tag team, story and straight up fight after fight). Features the Krypt where you unlock stuff with your Kurrency earned during battles. Some cool art, costumes, extra fatalities etc in there. Defo recommend this game! a true gem.

  10.  A good watch!


    Another good British film. Kinda like 'Taken', though a bit grittier and more British obviously. Featuring Bill Murray and Craig Fairbrass (AKA Captain Price and Ghost/Gaz from Modern Warfare) It's worth tuning in just to watch/hear those 2 haha. Basically a story about human trafficking and the likes, It's hard hitting at times but very interesting. The story keeps you hooked and there's enough action etc to keep you watching from start to finish, with a couple of funny 1 liners. Worth watching, a solid 4 stars from me. Danny Midwinter is especially sinister and amazing as bad guy Christi. I do see why it got poor ratings, as everyone will compare it to Taken, but don't do that, just take it as it is - a watchable, decent movie.