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  1.  Great


    Honestly, don't be afraid of it because its a fighting game, its very accessible and contains more content than any other fighting game to date.

    Don't listen to people who haven't played the full game and only the demo.

  2.  woeful.


    A low point for both series. Boring fighting system, and a pathetic amount of content.

  3. Contrast


    Conor Maynard - CD

    24 New from  £2.00  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29

     It hurts.


    Like stubbing a thousand toes and stepping on a thousand legos. Avoid.

  4.  Great, flawed but still great.


    Good games, First one is unique to the other two, its much more light hearted in tone, but the humour is bang on the money through out the series, the second game amps up the difficulty to a shocking degree and introduces horrible driving sections, the normal gameplay is great but expect to repeat the driving sections over and over to progress.

  5.  MK9 plus DLC


    Not gonna rehash my review of MK9 but long story short its great, this is the same plus 15 costumes and 4 new characters on disk. Buy it.

  6.  Good but flawed.


    If your an A.C fan then by all means, get this game. However the Developers "more is more" mentality has finally started to become a liability, AC:R is full of strange additions such as Den Defence which is a R.T.S tower defence style mini-game, Managing your assassins in a Championship manager style mini-game, bomb crafting which does more to confuse than interest, and the Multi player is more or less the same as Brotherhood,

    Core gameplay = Good.

    Weird additions = Wierd.

  7.  If your a LOTR fan don't hesitate


    You have 3 playable characters, A human, and Elf and a dwarve (of course) I played through the game 3 times, once as each character and thoroughly enjoyed them all, There are plenty of side quests and items to collect so you won't get bored! Under rated title.

  8.  Perfect!


    If your a god of war fan do not hesitate, just buy. You'l want these to compete the collection.

  9.  Don't let the Movie License put you off!


    This is one of the Rare exceptions to the "Movie games suck" rule, this is a great game, single and Co-op, Worth full price IMO.



    Wow, I honestly thing NRS have made a perfect game here! If I have one complaint its that the bosses are waaay to cheap! But apart from that, the story mode, the challenge tower and just the kombat in general are all perfect! 5 Star!