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  1.  Just what the doctor ordered.


    Crikey, I remember this when it was 170.00 , I was tempted then, but needed little temptation at this price, HDMI lead thrown in,and free delivery.
    I was tempted to get the Humax T2, my brother has one, and I was impressed when I saw it, though he did mention it has its moments where's it 'locks up'. I spent ages on the web, trying to find an alternative to the Humax, I think having no 'card reader' contributed heavily to me losing total interest in the Humax.
    This Icecrypt is everything I expected, its a doddle to set up, I had to flash the firmware, which only took a couple of minutes, extremely straightforward. Its quite small, maybe about as big as an hardback book, quite heavy though. The menus are classy, they look like summat you'd expect on a very expensive telly, very plush, smooth, easy to navigate, even my good lady was impressed. Theres a few minor concerns, for me, the usb socket on the front probably isnt a great idea, then again, if it was on the back it'd be a pain too, perhaps on the 'side' would have been the best compromise. A lack of a pair of RCA Phonos is also a bit of a ball ache, then again, theres ways and means around that. The remote doesn't particulary inspire me, something like this that is totally dependant on remot operation should really have something far more substantial, then again, I could be wrong, perhaps it just appears a bit 'fragile', theres certainly no signs of wear or anything, it just feels a bit,,'airfix', but to be fair I'm comparing it to a Denon remote that retails for about 150 smackers,
    Lovely slick operation between channel changing, useful buttons on remote, favourites, info, etc.
    If you feel the need to go HD, from your old freeview box, then I can assure you, this won't disapoint, its the type of product you 'fit', 'turn it on', and forget its there. I'm gonna try and get a spare remote though, just for my ow re-assurance. Oh, one other thing, if you record owt to an external hard drive via usb you can only watch it via the Icecrypt, you can't transfer the file to a pc, and, e.g. remove adverts , the files appear to be encrypted, though am reliably informed by those who know far more than me that this is universal with all HD Freeview Boxes. It may appear not to be a problem to many, but for example, if you happen to watch your holiday video, or a wedding, you can only watch it via the Icecrypt, saying that, theres always ways around these things, it really depends on just how much time and effort you want to commit to it. Don't hesitate, I can't see these staying at 60 forever.
    Play.com service, was okay, nowt to get excited about, ordered on the sunday, arrived wednesday morning.

  2.  Very good


    Great game, really enjoyable to play. I don't understand the comparisons to playing 'real snooker', surely by definition it's obvious you aren't actually playing snooker. It's a game, it's obvious to me that if I played Ronnie O Sullivan at this game, I'd have every chance of beating him, if I played him at real snooker, I'd have no chance of beating him, however, your skills at actually playing snooker would benefit you when playing this game on the pc, shot selection, playing 'side', 'top','bottom', safety game, knowing angles of breaking the pack up, lots more, like I say, depending on your actual 'real skill' level.