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  1.  Black Ops 3 not MW4.


    As the title suggests this game is more like Black ops than Modern Warfare. For all you people out there looking for a new story mode that is intense like only a cod game can be, you're in luck. Short as it is, as they all are, its great. Go for it if thats what you are after. Now all of you who are after a good multi player experience, it seems to me that infinity ward have stolen their ideas off treyarch. Now, that is not a bad thing. It depends on which you have a preference for, they are very different after all. This title adds to the MW franchise by stealing from BO. It bridges the gap. So if you're looking for a MW like multiplayer experience dont bother. If you're looking for a BO like experience or even something that feels new, go for it. I gave it 3* simply because I was after a MW multiplayer. I wanted a same formula Infinity Ward game. They tried to fix what wasn't broken in my opinion.

  2.  Seems like only haters are writing reviews.


    If you love the other Modern Warfare Games, you'll love this. It is that simple. I bought it on release day and I'm still playing it. I still rate it higher than Black ops 1 and 2. The multi-player experience is second to none. The mechanics in other fps games are aweful. Some people say its dated, to them I say, so what? Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?. The engine is the one we all love, the one that we spend countless hours playing for. Buy this game, it won't dissapoint. If you didn't like any of the modern warfare games, don't buy it. UnlIke other games there are no curveballs with this game, no supposedly sublte changes that ruin the elements that we know and love. You know what to expect and love or hate it for those reasons. Buying this game is NOT a gamble, as I've tried to explain here, you know what you are getting yourself into.

  3.  For your info.


    The films are big, good and very good quailty. They're blu-ray. You know where you stand. The actual product...there is artwork on the fold out case of each of the avengers. The discs themselves have no artwork apart from the hulk disc that has a print of hulk on it. I would've loved more but the packaging was the only semi-letdown. The films themselves are good, a must for any blu-ray collection.

  4.  It's Awesome!


    It's cheap but it does the job perfectly. The ceramic blades make a big difference. It's easy to clean and the settings are so easy to use. The battery life is good too, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and I spend about 30 min getting all the lines right and it doesn't even slow down. The best trimmer I've ever owned.

  5.  I love God of War


    If you like these games, these will not dissappoint! I thought the graphics were going to be really basic like "remastered" God of War collection 1 but they're not. They're good, a must have for fans and people who want to get into the series.

  6.  It's good.


    It's not "invisible" but it's very close. I can't be petty about it. I've been through my fair share of screen protectors and this one seems to be the best so far. I strongly suggest you follow the instruction exactly, otherwise you end up with dots and bubbles on the screen. Can't fault the product, i didn't follow the instructions. I bought the two pack so i was ok. I suggest you do the same!

  7.  Meh. Expected more.


    I've got no complaint with the films, they're awesome. I was a bit let down by the box set itself. In the box/sleeve you can see in the picture you get the three blu-rays which look like the normal ones if you bought them seperately. No new artworks or anything like that. Open the blu-ray cases and you find a plain looking disc with just text printed on it no pictures. Also there isn't a booklet or leaflet to be found. It feels cheap. Like they saved every penny possible. Maybe i'm being unfair but...i felt let down by the things that you can't find in any description on the set.

  8.  Brilliant!!!


    I bought on of these to put my prized posession on. Believe me when i say you should be able to hang off this!!! (please don't try it). hahahaha. It's amazing. VERY sturdy. you can tell just from the weight of it. It comes with 6 300kg bolts and the plugs needed for the wall too. the only thing you'll need is a masonary drill bit. but you'll need that for any bracket. inferior products to this cost more than double and in some cases triple. BUY THIS ONE!!!

  9.  Good game.


    There is only one real word to use when describing the game...Graphic. This game is 18 for a reason its full on. I enjoyed playing this game but I love hack and slash games. If you liked playing the God of War series you'll love this, it's basically God of War repackaged with a different story line.

  10.  Worth it!


    I looked around on the internet and this game got some pretty bad reviews, but being a fan of the first game I bought it anyway. I loved playing this game and even thought it took me a good week and a half to complete it I still wish it was even longer. If you liked the first game and the GTA games I STRONGLY reccomend that you add this to your collection, you won't be dissappointed