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  1.  More a 3 1/2


    I would say more of a 3 and a half than 4 but 3 is too low.

    I couldn't get enough of the demo and found it very addictive and fun so I was very excited to finally get the finished game.

    First time loading and you automatically start playing champion mode. However like some others have said its with a fixed character and not someone you can create yourself (Legacy Mode).

    Champion Mode has a very good storyline, almost like a film, and you can get immersed in it but it certainly lacks something. The fact that its a fixed route and that you can't lose means it becomes boring very quickly, made worse by the fact the fights are either easy or very challenging.

    I'm yet to play Legacy Mode because you can't create a character you want unless you have a USB camera or download your real face from EA. The only other option is choose from a selection of presets which doesn't have the appeal.

    So to sum up I like the actual boxing part with the FSC (Full Spectrum Control) but it's not like say FIFA where you can play random games, for me anyway, so I will be trading in very soon.

  2.  Solid Game


    The game is good in all areas but I wouldn't say brilliant.

    For me the SP lacks something. As with most games nowadays the campaign is short and snappy so I wouldn't single KZ3 out. Now although the SP does have some fun missions it can get boring quickly.

    Now the MP. It is very good but just not for me. It doesn't feel too clunky or too slow but I just can't get into it. The beta was fun and I really enjoyed that so I don't know whats changed but it just isn't that addictive.

  3.  Highly addictive!


    I never got the chance to play the demo so I was unsure about the game, but that didn't stop me buying it. Not yet played SP so I will only be describing the MP aspect.

    At first it is hard to get used to with a slightly weird controller layout. Because of the suit abilities using the triggers things like change weapons and throwing a grenade take some getting used to. Now the abilities, I thought that they'd be hard to get used to, but suprisingly there not. Simply stealth to creep up to someone or to run away, and armour when you are facing a shootout.

    Now the maps and guns. I've played most maps and so far all are enjoyable. Each feels different and balanced while also providing decent gameplay. However as for the guns there doesn't look like there is that many. That's not a big problem because you have the variety of attachments but when starting out, until level 20 or so, your choice is minimal.

    All in all I'd say by this game if you enjoy your FPS. Ok there are some minor flaws but IMO I rate this game highly with a mix of Black Ops, Killzone and Halo.

  4.  drEAdful


    Another let down from EA. The SP is probably the best aspect of the game but let down by what feels like an unfinished MP.

    The SP looks very good and has a good diversity of missions. But you do get the feeling of scripted gameplay and being forced certain ways.

    The MP is poor-average. It lacks weapons and attachments which makes the game get that much boring quickly. And has limited number of maps and game modes. And that's not everything, MP is also filled with little bugs and niggles that get very irritating.

    All in all a major disappointment. The best thing about the game is MOH Frontline which is better than it although it was released ages ago and doesn't have MP.