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  1.  Bond goes Blaxploitation


    After the success of Shaft and Superfly, Bond goes into the same territory albeit in a more lighter touch.

    Great music, great action, a great villain and some special one liners make it a top Bond movie.

  2.  Do you expect me to talk? No I expect to buy this DVD!


    Another great package of a classic Bond film.

    With a name like Roger Moore, it's as if you were born to this role, and he plays Bond with aplomb.

    Packed with usual stunning locations, fabulous stunts, and more innuendo than you can shake a large stick at, its just a great way to spend an afternoon.

  3.  It has it all...


    Social commentary documentary? Counter Culture Revolution propaganda? Really really awesome live music spectacle?

    Whatever view point you have on Woodstock, one can't deny, this is a fascinating watch. Despite it's mamoth running time (just short of 8 days....ok about 3 and half hours) it manages to feature compelling interviews and examples of the differing opinions on the festival, mixed with spellbinding performances from the likes of Hendrix, Sly & The Family Stone, Janis Joplin, Santana, Joe Cocker, The Who and many more.

    Throughout the film retains a wonderful spirit of togetherness and peace. The fact the festival never achieved its aims of solving the world with peace and love only makes the documentary the more interesting.

    A super document of late 60's America.

  4.  We've all seen it...


    We all loved it.

    Harrison Ford's bid for freedom and innocence is one of those great entertainers on a Saturday night. Whether its the dramatic stunts, Tommy Lee Jones' smarmy one liners or just the fact a one armed man could be so deadly, its terrific enjoyment throughout

  5.  Weird yet wonderful


    Tim Burton's biopic of eccentric B-Movie director Ed Wood is top entertainment.

    Martin Landua is outstanding in his Oscar winning role of Bela Lugosi while Depp, Bill Murray, Jeffrey Jones and others excel in equally rewarding roles.

    Its zany, off the wall and creative, harking back to days of yonder and those famous or rather infamous B-movies from the 1950's.

    An excellent film.

  6.  Just beautiful


    A fantastic story met with the glorious backdrop of stunning South America.

    Its a real moving film depicting the life of "Che" Guevera before his days of Communism and Castro.

    It preaches a message to truly believe that one person can make a difference however big the problem is and Gael Garcia Bernal portrays the young Che admirably.

    Beautifully shot, acted and constructed. It will make you think, laugh, cry and probably want to rewind and watch it again. A truly inspirational piece of art.

  7.  Is this a great film?


    Yes it is!

    Try getting reservations at Dorsia...well you won't need to cause you'll be watching this, gleefully enjoying some Huey Lewis, sweating over someone's business card being better than yours and handling the Fisher account before taking some videos back.

    You won't know whether to laugh, cry or feed a cash machine a cat (don't do the third of course, its cruel), either way its an absolute hoot.

  8.  Well...


    Its £5 and has a commentary from none other than Adam West and Burt Ward themselves?


    What more needs to be said? I expect you to have alread pressed "BUY" after that!

  9.  A Motor Racing Classic


    Despite being chocked with as much dialogue as a Maggie Simpson best of, this film excites with Steve McQueen at the helm.

    The crash scenes are guaranteed to leave a powerful mark with the sound and editing added beautifully.

    If you like your racing fast but your plot pacing slow, its the film for you.

  10.  Compelling, powerful film


    If Woodstock was the shining moment of the Counter Culture, then this was the frightening, dark underbelly.

    Never had I been scared for a band on stage before seeing this. The coverage of the death ofthe young man killed by the Hells Angel is harrowing. Watching a traumatsied Jagger's face as he's shown the ordeal again just brings home the reality.

    A wonderful companion to the Woodstock documentary and a very engrossing work in it's own right.