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  1.  best wheel money can buy!


    let's get this straight, the market for wheels is probably, all things considered pretty good, logitech do some cheaper options, and thrustmaster have a few decent offerings, and then it boils down to what and why you wish to purchase a wheel.

    if you are a casual gamer, by that i would mean GTx, GRID, Dirt and anything in between where the car physics are more atuned to sticking to the road and bouncing off things, then i would honestly say the g27 is only worth looking at if u are extremely flush or just have to own the greatest product going, because this, everybody is it! those who just wish to get that jensen button feel (and instant success) from the games where it is trying to give instant gratification rather than actual car physics and real-world levels of grip etc, then you will be just as happy with any of the 60-120ukp offerings, and save the extra ukp100 for something else.

    but, if you take your sim-racing seriously, and now i'm talking IRACING.COM, or maybe R-Factor/GTR type games, then one seriously should just bite the bullet and purchase this bad-boy!! the FF is as good as anything, the wheel unit is compact and the desk grip systems are simple and amazingly effective, it even lets you choose how to arrange the wiring with gulleys to run the cords out of the main unit to keep it all neat! wheel has 900 degrees of rotation which is just ridiculous but that's what this wheel does, and obviously means its super-smooth around the 120degs you'll use the most, and don't need any in-software 'increase/decrease sensitivity with lock' type feature on. it's leather bound and the perfect size, the paddles are perfect, oozing of quality and make you feel like you could change gear 10million times and they'll still feel like new.

    the pedals are huge, robust and the logitech website even gives a fixing diagram complete with the screw types to use, so one can mount to a bit of ply that pushes up against the wall or whatever for no movement.. although having said that the sheer bulk and the grippers (a carpet 'spiked' gripper is actually held in with a clip spring so one can have it in play or not) makes sure it wont go far anyhow. the feel is great, and logitech have even gone to the lengths of having the pedal plates screwed to the pedal stalks, so one can unscrew and increase either height/side-to-side of any pedal, so if you want to heel-n-toe a bit easier, simply move the brake over left a little.

    the shifter, is immense, it's like a real car - all 6 racing gears and even a reverse gate - found by pushing down on the shifter and going 'under' 6th gear.. so if you're fix is racing road/race cars that fully use/utilise a 6-speed gate gearbox, you'll be in heaven! but if you're fix is more for race cars that have paddle, semi-auto or just 4 gears, you may well find the shifter a bit overkill.. i for one would probably have decided against buying the shifter should logitech have offered the wheel/pedal set only for 175-200ukp...

    not sure what else to say, it just gets to the point of wondering whether the shifter or pedals could be force fed as well, although nothing as yet fully supports this that i know of.. it works first time exactly how you'd expect and comes with 2yr guarantee which should make one feel better about the price tag.. jump in and do it!! only downside in terms of play.com - the price cant be beat from what i can see - but the large price-tag means they'll insist on delivery to card holder address, and if no-one is in most of the time you might well be looking at a depot pickup from their delivery partner, which is understandable but a little bit annoying all at once.

    all in all, it cant be beat.. build quality will last you years.. do it!!!