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  1.  Inside what?


    Having read the reviews and watched the trailers, I got caught up in the hype that I was about to watch an insanely violent, twisted masterpiece that would leave me reeling and absorbed simultaneously.
    I was wrong.
    The story was adequate, though the relationship between the "crazed madwoman" and our heroine Sarah is easily guessed. The scenes were brutal in places (particularly the climax), but waiting for them is more painful than watching them because nothing really happens in between them. There is a reason this film is only 79 minutes long.
    3 stars, simply because what is there is entertaining, the acting is well done and it's beautifully shot. However, it was rather disappointing - next time I want to shock my friends with a brutal French film, I'm going to go with Frontiers.

  2.  Irresistably Despicable


    Meet Gru - he's a evil mastermind who is having a hard time. Someone stole the great pyramid of Egypt and all he could steal was the Statue of Liberty ... from Las Vegas. The Bank of Evil's stopped trying to fund his increasingly desperate plots, he's a constant disappointment to his mother, and the new villain on the block - Vector - is showing him up at every opportunity. Things only get worse when he meets three orphans who are trying to sell cookies. Gru doesn't have time for cookies - he's trying to steal the moon!
    When I saw the trailers I thought "looks alright - but I'll go see Toy Story 3 instead". Truth-be-told, Despicable me was far better. Don't get me wrong, I loved TS3, but it wasn't funny. Moving, yes, but few laugh-out-loud moments. Despicable Me is filled with them, and everyone in the cinema (all of whom were over the age of 18 as we watched it at Uni) was in stitches.
    The characters are lovable, the villains (...of the villains) are hateable, the minions are adorable (I don't know anyone who doesn't want a Dave of their own) and the story is so simple it's brilliant.
    In the end I saw this 4 times in the cinema, I've asked my parents for this for my 22nd birthday, and I'll be buying it for my college's Film Society as I believe no DVD collection is complete without it. It is the finest film I have seen all year, if not for a long time, and it was so entertaining I never once stopped to think "how much longer do I have left?"
    I'm not going to tell you that you HAVE to see it, but if you haven't, give some serious consideration to getting it on DVD - it's worth it.

  3.  The Ultimate Collection? Yes


    No matter who or where you are, chances are you would have at least heard of the Saw franchise (if not bullied into watching bits of it by your friends or out of curiosity). Well now the six most arguably brutal films of the noughties are in one box set, and it's great.
    Cost wise, it's a total bargain, and if the Saw films are something you or a friend enjoy, this would make a great birthday present. As I said, though, the films are brutal (the ending to the 6th one is...yeah) and not all of the films are worth watching; in my opinion Saw 2 and 5 are definitely the weakest of the lot, and the only reason I watched them was to say that I had seen them. However, the others are greatly entertaining, and revel in the torture porn genre that's become so popular lately

  4.  One of the finest disney films ever made


    I saw Beauty and the Beast years ago on video and loved it instantly. It is, in my opinion, one of the finest Disney films ever made because it has everything a movie should need: It has romance you can see grow from disdain to love, a villain you're allowed to hate, and a story promoting good morals. Moreover, it might be a kids film, but is still enjoyable as an adult. And the prologue: it is the finest piece of cinema ever created - the colours are lush, the vioce-over gives me goosebumps, and it sets up one of the best love stories ever committed to film...