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  1.  Laughable!


    This review will be short and sweet, as I've already wasted over 2 hours of my life watching this film. I'm a huge fan of Ridley Scott, and in particular 1979s Alien.
    This film is a joke, the story is full of unexplained holes, characters you couldn't care less about, and laughable scenes. The one and only good thing about it is, visually it looks good. You have people these days saying "it looks great and the 3d was amazing". Who cares? It's 99% about the story and acting, and on this it's terrible.

    A 33 year wait, and so so disappointed!

    Check any critic review, and you'll see they agree.

  2.  Skill is required!!


    Firstly let me start by saying that this is currently the highest rated game of 2011, on both the PS3 and XBOX 360 (as per metacritic.com), beating Gears of War 3 and Uncharted 3 etc.....
    The reason it is so highly rated is because it is outstanding in every way. The reviewers who say its just button mashing or bashing, when you get to a fight scene, probably don't understand that Batman has over a dozen moves plus gadgets he can use, and accumilates more points by maintaing the amount of moves he can string together in a "combo". This takes skill, and when your able to clear a room full of 40 henchmen without missing a beat, you realize there are few greater gaming pleasures. I suggest watching someone who is good on youtube, before justifying a lack of skill as button mashing. Great job Rocksteady, I can't wait for Arkham 3!

  3.  You're in the money!


    At 9.99 this is probably the best bargain on play.com at the moment. A lot of people are saying to get it just for the camera, which is a good idea as the camera alone is usually around 20 pounds, but suprisingly i also found the game to be great fun to. Very clever and fantastic fun if you have kids. Can't recommend this bundle enough!!! Buy it now.............

  4.  Wow Wow and Wow!!


    I bought a 40" Samsung 7 Series LCD TV last week, so imagine how stupid i felt, when I realised my 360 was one of the older models that didn't have a HDMI connection. £17.99 later i'm sorted!! This lead is for all those 360 owners who have a HD TV with component connections on it, but don't have a HD connection on their 360. All you do is simply plug one end into you 360 (where you currently have a scart) and plug 3 of the coloured leads (red, blue and green) into your HD TV. If you don't have an AMP or DVD home cinema system, you also plug in the red and white audio leads, into the audio inputs on your TV. If you do have and AMP or Home cinema, simply leave the red and white leads out and plug an optical lead into your AMP/home cinema and the other end into your new £17.99 HD AV cable. You then go into your 360 dashboard, system settings, display settings and change it to 1080P. You are now playing your 360 in HD, and don't it look good!! Fantastic product and I can't recommend it enough!!!!