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  1.  Recreated the spirit


    Probably the only thing I'd like to add is Nick Love painstakenly kept the spirit of the original series which I was lucky enough to watch when it first came out. The attitudes, the cars and the blaggy villains, all there but modernized. 4 stars because I may have expected too much but really ejoyed it all the same.

  2.  Quality


    Just buy it because it's got Jean Reno in it and he's really pissed off. If you like them bloody and violent you've hit the jackpot.

  3.  Slick


    Slickest robbery drama since Heat, set in Charlsetown, Boston, bank robbery capital of the world apparently. Bought this on the strength of the reviews rather than a Ben Affleck film but what a brilliant job he has done both as actor and director. Script is sharp although, sometimes heavy on local dialect and slang making you try to figure out what's being said.

    All the characters are believable giving you an insight into a blue collar and predominantly criminal community. You just want to know where it is going next and if any film has done that then you have had your money's worth.

  4.  Forget the comparisons


    Get past the 'Godfather' and 'Goodfellas' comparisons because they are tenious at best. That aside this film is superb and did not feel like 2 and half hours long, that's already a good start.

    Tahar Hasim's understated and totally convincing performance carries this film and you share his experiences and suffering as he slowly and painfully climbs the prison food chain with as much dignity as his humiliation will allow.

    Like Tell No One, forget great French film just great film, moving, violent and great story.

  5.  Gripping


    Like the previous reviewer I had never heard of this film and came across it on Play. I like the actors involved and took a chance, (Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce not much of a chance really). Worth every penny, tackles terrorism in today's society and treats the audience like adults.

  6.  Mel's back


    Mel is back in 'take no prisoners' mode and gives a great performance in this interesting conspiracy thriller. Just sit back and enjoy him slowly discover the truth about his daughter's murder. Gripping stuff.

  7.  It's all about the script


    One of the things that comes across is that all the actors bought into the project, the results are a brilliantly written script and executed with passion, conviction and sometimes humour by great actors.

    Most of us at some point have felt Colin's pain and felt helpless to do anything about it. Colin (Winstone) articulates this for us brilliantly then confirms the only course of action.

    They had to be gangsters because ordinary people with the same dilemma don't go around kidnapping the wife's lover otherwise not really relevant to the story, hence the 4 stars instead of 5, the trailers are misleading.

    If you are offended by swearing give this a miss (the F word is used 167 times apparently) but if you are ok with it and enjoy a sharp, tight and sometimes funny script. It's worth a look and you may be surprised.

  8.  What TV was invented for


    Looks and feels very high production with a good cast and intricate plots with constantly shifting loyalties and skullduggery. A brilliant insight into how the ancient Romans lived on every level. It's what TV was invented for, just outstanding.

  9.  Just great fun


    With its tounge firmly planted in its cheek this film is lots of fun and action throughout. A great ensemble cast who look like they are enjoying themselves. You probably needed to have watched the original 80s and 90s action films some of the more senior members of the cast were in to fully appreciate this, but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable if you haven't.

    Just a note this version would not load on my Toshiba BDX2000, I think it needs a firmware update

  10. Legend


    Bob Marley - CD

    21 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £13.43

     Music perfection


    Bought this when it first came out on vinyl, bought the cassette to play in the car and bought the CD and downloaded it on my ipod. You don't need to be a reggae fan to love this album, its just perfect.