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  1.  awesome


    Checking the plot and expecting a hefty dose of torture porn? How very wrong. And if that's what you're after, avoid. What you get is a devastatingly bleak look at the dark side of family life. The titular woman is an incredible presence but also a true metaphor for the real victims of the piece, Some have cried out about the mysogyny of the movie (wild woman, chained, humiliated and tortured by cultured man) but miss the point, rarely has there been such a male negative movie, Slow burning from an action perspective but gradually and intensely disturbing. the blood soaked climax tops one of the most interesting drama/ thrillers in years. Not perfect but almost a twisted classic,

  2.  Great movie, bad blu ray


    Incredibly good on every level, those expecting anything other than a superbly acted masterclass in psychological horror should steer clear... this is adult cinema at it's finest. Shame about the blu ray quality. Triple play edition shows NO difference between blu ray and DVD versions...have distributors given up on HD? That aside, a stunning piece of intelligent, challenging cinema. Buy now.

  3.  Masterpiece


    Quite simply a masterclass in film making. Rarely will you see such a standard in direction, cinematography, writing and acting come together and create something so beautiful. So it's a remake. It's also a film in it's own right. And not just a good one, a truly great one that delivers on so many levels. Welcome back Hammer, but this will be one tough act to follow. Unmissable.

  4.  Hail return of 80's style exploitation


    Get that tongue firmly in cheek and banish the brain, expect nothing more than a superb take on the boobs (lots) and blood (tons) style of exploitation, sadly forgotten. Great stuff, enjoy

  5.  Top notch brit flick...


    Finally something original in the genre. Classy, nicely shot fear flick set in a grey but stunning Scotland that blends the haunted house and splatter sub-genres beautifully. Genuinely scary, this may try too hard to be different in the final reel but hey, better than not trying at all. Original, scary as hell at times and bloody enough for the gore hound. Decent Blu Ray quality too, highly recommended.

  6.  Fabulous Fantasy


    Hey, what's not to like here? You know the plot (and it's a cool basis for a great fantasy movie) and it cracks along nicely. Brendan Fraser is, well, Brendan Fraser so leave it to the Brits to shine... Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent are superb in show stealing performances. Stunning Blu Ray, picture shines.... and for once CGI is used brilliantly and sparingly..... if family friendly fantasy is your thing, this is essential.

  7.  Worthy Reworking of Classic


    So it aint Lon Chaney Jr and Bela Lugosi, but this remake of Universals classic is great fun in it's own right as well as being a worthy remake of the original. Hopkins stands out superbly amongst a great cast and the art direction shines...superb sets and staging. Blu Ray quality is wonderful, movie is a great flashback to old fashioned chillers.... with a touch of added gore. Buy it.

  8.  Is anyone reviewing the blu ray?


    Not a mention of the quality so far. Yep, great low budget shocker with edge of the seat suspense and behind the cushion gore but easily the worst blu ray transfer transfer I've seen, and that's part of what we should be reviewing here. Never knocked quality in a review before but this wasn't just low def, in many scenes it was no def. Almost nostalgic how it often looked like VHS. Details lost, shadowing. Please guys, contact distributors, we pay more and deserve more! Great little shocker lost in grain and visually undefined thrills. Not how they sold me on blu ray.

  9.  Movie Genius


    Road movie, twisted love story, insane homage to Wizard of Oz - Lynch's vision is a masterwork of pure genius. As Sailor and Lula, lovers on the run on a road trip from hell, Cage and Dern are superb (yep, there was a time when Cage was cool) but it's Diane Ladd (Derns real mother) who steals the show with a scene chewing performance of a lifetime - worth watching for alone. Sexy, violent, hilarious, shocking, visually stunning and ultimately breathtaking. One of the finest modern examples of adult movie making that looks great on blu ray. Bring on Blue Velvet.....

  10.  Mumbai Masterclass


    Boyles award laden masterpiece tells the story of a young mans life in the slums of India - and despite the ultimate feelgood factor, it aint pretty.Torture, child abuse and mutilation, prostitution and murder are all along the way in this often harrowing, ultimately uplifting lesson in perfect storytelling. Beautiffully shot, the blu ray transfer is amongst the best bringing India to colourful life. Moving and unmissable.