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  1.  sick of hearing "i-phone killer"??


    3.5Mm earphone jack (finally!)
    Best resolution screen out there 800 x 480
    3.15 Mega pixel camera
    Experia touch panels (customisable)
    Windows 6.1
    Qwerty keyboard

    Thick (not in the dumb sense)
    Lag fom programs
    Not a cybershot camera (that means no flashy flash or lens)
    Small amount of built in memory 400mb but u can buy more (micro sd)

    Just a few general points i've picked up from reading various reviews, hope this helps.

    I'm getting one despite the flaws cause it still one of the best phones on the market.

  2.  Plz make more E4!!!


    reasons to watch:
    1.will's mum :p
    2. funniest sex scene ever!!
    3. friend! friend! football friend! lol A-maz-in
    4. The Drunk episode classic but not as good as..
    5. The Caravan episode

    seriously it' s like skins if you was living in the real world, give it a watch and E4 plz make more!!

  3.  I wasted an hour an a half of my life


    I love 3D animated films, seriously I watch them all the time but this one was a rare miss, the story lines weak and the jokes are just as bad.

    My opinion... go buy Ratatouille and thank me later.



    a six piece band from michigan, played along side band such as armour for sleep, aiden and the used.

    stand out tracks:Is It Progression If a Cannibal Uses a Fork?, Teeth the Size of Piano Keys and A Letter from Janelle

    for fan's of soasin, alexisonfire and to compare to more mainstream my chemical romance and panic! at the disco

  5.  great album but nobody know's them in the uk???


    for fan's of fall out boy, taking back sundays and my chemical romance. great album i just happened to come across and i struck gold, well worth a listen.

    stand out tracks are "faster" and "hay there delilah"

  6.  GTA style game for the Wii


    Finally a GTA style game for the wii!!!!!

    To start with i found driving difficult because it's completely done on the nunchuck, but once you've done some races it feels more natural. Next you learn to shoot using the controller (easier to use than red steel). Then finally the best part... whilst driving you can hang out the window of your car and shoot!!!!! (controls only possible with the Wii remotes!!)

    9/10 in a sentence, graphics better than gta san andreas for the playstation 2, gameplay is greatly improved with the remotes and a must buy for any 18+ gamer on the Wii.

  7.  winner of a woody!


    this film has one of the highest budgets i've ever seen on a porno and the lesbian scene at the end won an award for best lesbian scene (they do some very interesting stuff with candles) great stuff!

  8.  true classic


    this film is older than me but i still remember watching this as a kid and it's a true classic, buy it and let a new generation enjoy this amazing film.