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  1.  The Predators are coming.....


    I saw this film in the cinema, and it was simply awsome. A very good sequal to the first orignal predator movie. It is fast paced and action packed from start to finish, and the actors do a fantasic job, and i think this was an underated film from film critics, simply a great film, great cast, and left open for a follow up, i cant wait for the next one.

  2.  The Force Unleashed? Only for about 5 hours


    When i first heard about this game i couldnt wait to play it. Having seen the movie and hype surrounding it, and ofc playing the demo, i was honestly expecting something truely epic.

    The first hour or so i was in heaven, graphics amazing, sound, action , everything you expect from a star wars game....that was until i got to the 3rd level. The first 3 levels are amazing, variety in fights, the giant boss fight is outstanding....however after that it just disapears into a mundane hack and slash um up with a few force powers thrown in. The Puzzles arent challenging, the enemies are reptivitve and you only have a handful of moves and finshers unlike the first game. The story alough well written is too short and far to easy to complete even on hard. The challenges add limited replay value and finding the costumes can be a good time consumer, but honestly do i want to fight the same game dressed as Guybrush Threepkiller?......no.

    This game is awfuly expensive for what is offered. If feels rushed and shafted out of production before they finished half the game, if you take out the cutsences your proberly only looking at 5 hours acutal gameplay before you complete it. It is just shockingly too short. Dispite it being a fantasic game and a sequal the world over wanted to see, i dont think anyone would have wanted this half assed, short, mediocre slash um up.

    I love star wars, and this game has tarnshed the franchise for me, i for one wont be rushing to get the 3rd when it comes out. If they make another and they will, i really hope they dont wreck that one as they have done with this title.

    It is a shame really, showed such promise.

    Worth a rent, but in my opinon wait until its in the bargin basement to buy it, but if you havent played the first one, get the first one, its a FAR better game.

  3.  Game...set...match..player 1


    Virtua Tennis has always been a true arcade game in my opinon, and i have been a fan since the days of it in the arcade and on the dreamcast. The Xbox 360 version does not dissapoint. The graphics are good , the controls are simple and effective , and the sound effects are what you expect from a Tennis game.

    Despite a good charcter selection and the option to make your own tennis player, it does lack alot of detial around the edges and at times on the world tour mode be incredibly frustrating.

    For instance, your created players name wont appear on the scoreboard, just appears as "CUSTOM PLAYER", the facial animations and graphics on your created player are no wear near the levels of the already selectable characters . so your character looks out of place. Some times the angle you choose to shoot dosent go that way, depending on your skill level you have threw hours and hours of training on the mini games, alough are fun to start of with, soon become boring and repititive.

    Its not a bad game and can be enjoyed with 2 or more people. A worthy purchase, but just dont expect it to blow your socks off.