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  1.  Simply Subime


    So, Linkin Park are back... and yet somehow not back.

    Having been a fan of the band since the beginning I was hoping for a return to the form of Hybrid Theory with their blend of rock sensibilities and rap verses, rather than the bland rock by numbers they've been churning out (with Mike Shinoda pushed to guitar) but what they've delivered on A Thousand Suns is a thought provoking, well mixed, mature record that those who remember the days of the concept album may well appreciate. So, yes, there might only be 9 full tracks, but so what when they are all linked so well with connective melodies... this is not fast food music for the short attention span generation where it just becomes a greatest hits CD as the singles get released! This is Linkin Park at their very best, at essence art students with a great ear for melody, sound who are so quite obviously making the music they want to play and credit goes to Rick Rubin for letting them!

    There will be many, many fans that won't like this record but don't let their 1 star reviews rob you of an experience just give it a try and hopefully you'll hear what I'm talking about.

    Oh, by the way, the 9 full songs are corkers!

  2.  At last! A "Guitar Hero" Game you can play with the kids


    I must admit I was very skeptical when this title was announced but as a dedicated fan of the Guitar Hero games I decided to risk the purchase and I'm glad I did.

    Yes, the track list is very pop, but there are some classic songs in there and quite a few rock tunes and the variety is as good as any previous in the Hero series. But by far the best thing about the track list is that we finally have a music based game that my 7 year old daughter and I can play together. Beginner mode is a revelation and makes the game easy enough for her to play without over-simplifying the game.

    The actual gameplay doesn't differ much from Guitar Hero 5, same graphical polish, same menu system, same drop in drop out mechanic etc

    I think Neversoft have achieved what they set out to do, create a rhythm based game that literally everyone can enjoy!

  3.  Forget the 3D - good, solid, safe family fun


    Having been on the ride in Florida, the whole family were looking forward to this game being released and we weren't disappointed. It's simple enough for my 3 year old son to play (which is good because he loves Buzz Lightyear) but deep enough for us grown-up's to sneak a few games in once the kids are in bed! The Wii was made for games like this - recommended

  4.  Fantastic fun & easy for kids to pick up and play


    I played this game with my 5 year old daughter and it's so much fun! The short mini games coupled with simple controls kept her entertained for over an hour.

    I was expecting to spend most of the time helping her with the controls but she mastered them within minutes and was soon winning 50% of the mini games by herself which added to the appeal of this game even more.

    Thoroughly recommended for young and old - a really good, fun game to play with the kids

  5.  Indulge in your Dark Side


    This game rocks...that's what you'll be telling everyone once you've played it. It's been well worth the wait. The Darkness is full of neat little touches that'll make you wonder why no other FPS has thought of it. Gun barrels smoke, Jackie pulls his weapons to his chest when facing walls and the dual pistols actually feel independant of each other! The Darkness Powers work superbly well and add a cruel twist to the gameplay (voiced by Mike Patton of Faith No More) and bring a fresh approach to the FPS genre. If you like your games visceral, brooding and story driven then give in to your dark side and buy this!

  6.  Perfect for the DS


    This game is just perfect for the DS. Using the stylus to "throw" the dart is a master stroke in game design. It takes a few goes to get used to the technique to throw the dart but stick with it & you'll soon be hitting those treble 20's with ease! Graphics are great, gameplay is fast, furious & fun. For £18 you can't beat a bit of bully!!!