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  1.  Only protects face and slips off easily


    Wish I hadn't purchased this item. The protection is only for the screen and it doe not stay on all the time. If you want full protection look elsewhere.

  2.  Every Xbox 360 owner should have this game


    I completely agree with blinkkill68, I own all of the COD series on xbox360 and the previous edition 'modern warfare' and this new one takes it all to another level, like the fact they went back to WWII style with better game play with all actual events, nuff respect to those soldiers who died for us in battle....

    Know your history and buy this game!

  3.  Digital Photo's


    As well as recording movies, can this camera do digital still photo's? Someone please help

  4.  best buy


    I got this set for my mother as a joint xmas and birthday gift 22/12/07 I have the 37X3030 series which is full hd and i use for playing 360 or with my V+ box but this set brings better contrast ratio compared at 5000:1 and thats just about what you need for a good picture even just on freeview! I didn't pay as much as I'm in the industry but its the best buy on net so buy from play.com and as for what previous guy said, i myself would only by a Toshiba set mainy because they have better lifetime, more connections than any other brand which is a must as 90% of us use more than 3 equipments to our tv, ie games console, dvd players, sky/virgin box 2 hdmi , 2 scart, side component and rear etc... Great set oh and the boomerang table top stand included is the right touch to make your media area look modern ;-)

  5.  top notch


    Toshiba has always been an ideal brand in my household, after breaking my last laptop I was recommended by my I.T manager at my work on specs to go for in laptops and this fitted nearly everything on the list almost perfect! not a 64bit processor is actually a 32bit but apart from that everything is spoty on, fire wire port 4usb, can connect to your LCD and fills screen to browse net or watch films alot of hdd space, need i say more. I paid more for mine because my old one was replaced with vouchers through insurance but this is definitely an excellent buy, believe it or not if i had got mine from here i could've saved £200!!!

    play.com rocks for everything!!! buy it

  6.  Funny as hell


    Dont listen to what one of the reviews are about this, just shows some people don't have sense of humour!!!

    This is the best comedy you'l find thats probably topped ali g + borat the best thing of all is the calls are actually real!!

    just dont call my work asking me for lucaditiv (LCD TV) lol

  7.  best game ever made!!!!!


    as what previous person said, its your duty to buy this game.

    Best game ever made thats all i'm saying!!!!!
    Halo dont even come close way out of its league

    Buy it play it enjoy it, share your experience or you'l be sittin on the bench while everyones talkin about it.
    Ya dig...........

  8.  Excellent buy a must have


    I got MOH: heroes last xmas and thats was my top game but trust me this beats by far, activision have always pulled through apart from when they had COD 3 on xbox360 made by some other company. I saw review for this and thought try my luck and like the other person said for a handheld psp game this is neat. ordered it before and was out of stock, had my luck when second time round play.com got it to me within a weeks time and it was still showing out of stock, get yours now!! they are going fast at this price!!!!

  9.  love pimping your ride? this is a wicked game for you


    I got this game last year and still havent completed it because there's so much to do on there it will keep you entertained for months probably you will finish it off if your the type of person that will stick to a game til its done but i tell ya it will make you lose sleep if you get too addicted, tunes on there are top charts hits so you can cruise to the best, you need to buy this for your psp collection even to just buy it to have it Great Game!!!
    BUY NOW!!!

  10.  Best crash race game on psp


    This game is really good, i have got the xbox 360 renvenge version and it is very much matched on psp you will be surprised at the graphics, the fun lies with the fact you can race and do take downs of your rivals as you go, tracks could be improved with bit more detail as in pedestrians but apart from that all in all good game, got it on psp for my little bro and i ended up buying a copy for myself so we could play adhoc together real fun