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  1.  Prepare to be SHELL-Shocked!!!


    If you have already loved Mario Kart in years gone by, then you will certainly not be dissapointed! With 16 modified tracks of old, plus a further 16 tracks the fun factor will hit the ROOF! Additionally there are an extra 4 drivers, (12 compared to 8 of old!) so prepare to be shell shocked....literally!

    With the addition of a Jazzy "Wii Wheel" which fluffs any other "Wii Sports Pack" wheel to shreds, and the addition of Motorbikes and skooters in the mix, you have an all round fantastic game....wether it be individually, with your mates or with your family!

    You can also unlock the ability to play as your "Mii" characters so you can kick Koopers Spikey backside yourself!

    T xx

  2.  If You Like Mario, You Will Like This!


    For those who like the old-skool platform 2-D Mario you will enjoy this game as I did...and voilla I am a Male! It has some of the traits of Super-Mario Bros. still in it...coins, pipes etc. but also adds a few of its own innovative ideas to the plate such as rotating the whole level to get round it and using Peach's moods to control certain aspects of the game. Unlike Mario also, the Boss stages are much harder, and you have to pass a "stylus" mini game to get to them first. I would recomend this as a great buy to any Mario Fan...despite what the people below say haha! T xx (uk)