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  1.  The most amazing cinematic experience.


    The Lord Of The Rings is undoubtably my favourite trilogy. You simply lose yourself in it. The first two films end abrubtly, making the three films just like one big nine hour film. I can't even recall any boring bits in that nine hours! One night I had recently watched The Fellowship, I decided to watch the first half an hour or so of The Two Towers, but I accidently watched that and The Return of the King to the very end. Because it's so exhaustingly long you actually FEEL like you were part of the epic adventures in middle earth. It is an absolutely beautiful trilogy and I massively recommend it. I gauruntee that this will find its way to the top of your favourites chart after the first viewing!
    It's just a shame Tolkien didn't get to see it!

  2.  ABSOLUTELY the BEST game ever.


    Note to reader: this may give away some of the games suprises. Just sayin'.

    I am sixteen years old and this, to date, is my FAVOURITE game. It is absolutely awesome. In the game all people are cars. It features a massive island with different themed towns that you can visit - from ski mountains to sunny beach lagoons, enchanted lush villages by rivers to urban districts like Vegas - there is even a town constructed on CLOUDS AND RAINBOWS. Golf courses (hitting large golf ball by driving into it), Football (simelar), EVEN ROULETTE (which perhaps isn't the best influence on children) where you can bet money and you drive onto the spinning plate to land on a number, rather than using a ball. There is so much to do in the game. It has interesting plots and environments, and lots of things to find and hunt for. There are exciting upgrades for cars. You can change the type of tires from snow tires to monster truck tires, buy wings and jet turbines for prolonged flights (this + ski jump = win).

    This game is really special. Me and my best friend from many years ago passed it back and forth and copied memory card data when Play Station 2 was the leading console. We played it every night for HOURS and it took two months to complete. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE WAS AMAZING.

    It's so good, that soon I am actually buying a new Play Station 2 for this game (my old one is broken).

    The biggest recommendation I have ever given.