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  1.  Alice is back and in top 3D form !


    Another very good film in the RE series. The opening set piece is truly majestic and the use of 3D during and throughout the rest of the film really works, unlike the majority of films that get the 3D treatment that leave you wondering... why ??.
    The acid test for me was that the critics gave it a mauling, that almost guaranteed that I was going to enjoy it !!

  2.  Euro Thriller !!!


    Excellent thriller with good performances from all the established stars, girl playing Hanna needs special mention as she was great and really nailed the part. Film has a real contemporary european feel to it which sets it apart from the normal Hollywood offerings, can envisage a sequel appearing !!!!!

  3.  A little gem...


    Was looking forward to watching 'The Eagle' but my two boys wanted to see this instead so I was expecting to be a bit super critical. Not a bit of it, this is a fantastic film, exciting story, stunning camera effects and a mesmeric performance from Bradley Cooper. Highly recommended

  4.  Enjoyable


    Different take on the normal vampire thing with a nice dark/gothic feel to it, plenty of action with some good set pieces and Maggie Q looks the part. Possibly could be a bit much for some kids and somewhat surprised it was not a 15.

  5.  Great Read


    This is a real page turner and difficult to put down, highly recommended

  6.  Epic !!!


    Cinema quality production brought to the small screen !!. We are in a golden era of quality television at the moment with the two Spartacus series and Game of Thrones currently showing and The Walking Dead is right up there with them. Great entertainment.

  7.  Filmaking of the highest quality


    Stephen King must have had more movie adaptations of his books made into movies than just about any other modern day author. Some of these have been pretty indifferent but some have been classics and this is one of the latter. Its a great story thats well acted and makes you care about what happens to the characters and you can't ask much more of a movie than that.

  8.  Can't say anything thats not already been said


    Testament to the human spirit having the ability to triumph over great adversity. I think this film is included in more peoples top ten list than any other and deservedly so...........simply breathtaking

  9.  A Good Listen


    Like a lot of others I heard the title song on the radio and got the album on the back of it, took a couple of plays but now I pretty much love all the tracks.
    Difficult to define their particular style. For me they are lightweight rock with a leaning to MOR country but hey who cares, their music is warm, fun and just plain feelgood, and thats good enough for me !!!

  10.  Struggling to find the right words.......


    to say this film is diabolical is like saying water is a bit damp or the surface of the sun is slightly warm, in other words....A MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT ! Avoid this dvd like the plague, no seriously, black death is preferable to sitting through this !?!?!!?