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  1.  Slow access and format request


    had this to replace a Samsung external drive that had poor access times 10 second lags etc.

    Unfortunately this started to display the same fault so I tested my USB ports but they were fine, I even bought a USB 3.0 PCIe card and tried that, speeds were great for a while then access times dropped again, this eventually culminated in me getting a message on-screen asking if I wanted to format the drive... WHAT!!!! over one gig of data gone... Hmmm I don't think so.

    I decided that maybe the USB connection was at fault, the circuit board maybe, so, I removed the HDD from the drive and installed it as an internal drive.

    problem sorted, no lag, no lost data. I then got to thinking that maybe these external boxes are underpowered on the system, I personally have a CIT 750watt modular PSU and its powered everything i've had, I'll be upgrading to a BeQuiet 900watt soon and may try putting the HDD back in the box.
    I've seen systems that have cheap PSU's or PSU's that really don't give enough juice displaying these characteristics. just a thought don't have time to test the theory.

    anyway now its running well, the drive is a green drive so its not going to be super fast but I got it for size not speed. I give it three because it now works but I shouldn't have had to do all the above.

  2.  Fantastic phone Small internal memory


    I actually have one of these phones on an Orange contract and they are fantastic and loads of fun to use, but, and this is a big but, the internal memory which programs use to install to either completely or partially is ridiculously small, its 1980's sized coming in at a pitiful 512MB of ROM. Believe me on a Branded phone that 512MB will soon get used up, the paradox is you can have up to a 32Gb card in it but you are severely crippled when it comes to installing apps or games. Even with a hack most apps/games will keep some info in the internal memory.
    This info isn't shown and for very good reason, the only way to get round this major Memory FAIL is to search for hacks or root your phone.

    Don't get me wrong I love this phone but I don't see many people highlighting this incompetent choice, its such a powerful system I really don't know what possessed them to cripple this phone like this.

    I'm just in the process of rooting my phone so we'll see if I can get more internal memory back. They should have installed at least 1Gb if not 2GB.

    So my advice check out the internal memory first if you still want it your buying it with the knowledge its limited.