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  1.  Epic Poster


    For Any Street Fighter Fan This Is Amazing, It Is A Good Size And Looks Great On My Wall Great Quality Too !



    this is by far the worst need for speed game ever. Firstly it has terrible frame rate issues and the screen cannot keep up with the action. The story mode is ridiculosly short and the story line is also terrible and has been done by need for speed before or it seems it has. This is a complete waste of money if you want a racing game for playstation 3 go for midnight club LA the best racing game around or burnout if youre looking for something a bit less serious.

  3. SAW



    3 New from  £26.02  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99



    this game is a very good game and the puzzles are very hard which is a good thing because it challenges you but you can always look online ;) . The only problem i had with this game is that the combat can feel a little un-responsive at times however this is not a big problem. It is a scary game to play which again is very good because of the dark and never being sure of whats in it. And a bonus is that it relates to the story and adds a bit in to improve the storyline. The trophies are also really easy to come by and a platinum should not be much of a problem !

  4.  Need to spend more to play online !


    this game is as close as you could possibly get to yu-gi-oh as any other game can by putting your cards on screen and they pop up on screen. However this game has no story mode just a battle mode which is basically you vs the computer that has diffrent levels of difficulity and then theres an online mode which is good but everyone always buys cards online so there is no point as you dont stand a chance ever. SO in my opinion it sucks that you have to buy cards to play against people. Although a good idea for a game they need to expand as in make cards available in game maybe through a story mode where you have to find rare ones and defeat opponents for powerful ones. just an idea

  5.  Best fighter out there


    after i thought street fighter couldnt get any better and then i played this. And for this price its more than a bargain.
    Hadouken !!!



    I pretty much have nothing more too say, for a ps3 owner its a MUST BUY.
    im on my 7th playthrough just because this game is AMAZING
    hope this helps :D

  7. MAG



    3 New from  £7.04  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     OK game


    this game is good but does not do it for me as does modern warfare or battlefield. I found the physics of the game very off and found this game boring at times. However this is just my opinion and many people do enjoy this game alot.

  8.  Online play good


    If you are buying this game just for the story mode be warned it is not very good at all, it is very short and does not even have an ending which is very poor, yes really no ending see it for yourself. However the online play is the only thing that completes this game for me as the online play is good but there is only 3 online game modes which again doesnt make it very good however all 3 are enjoyable and have a game changing twist to each one. BE WARNED ! , I WOULD ONLY BUY IF YOU HAVE SPARE MONEY and cant find anything else to spend it on

  9.  Awesome game


    i did not buy this game from play.com however the game is amazing and a must buy. My first platinum trophy was on this game also however it is not very easy to earn. This Batman game is a superhero game however it does not feel like a Batman game because it is very dark and not like the cartoon shows much, it is on the same level of dark story as the Dark Knight.
    Hope this review helps.